Teaching Women Financial Literacy

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    In the Florida Keys

    Women are decades and dollars ahead of their Mothers and Grandmothers in their income producing and financial decision making opportunities. But, they still feel inadequate when making sound money decisions, and remain uninformed about critical choices that ultimately will affect their financial futures. A champion for quickly teaching women financial literacy and confidence and providing them with structure over their finances and financial future is Patricia Mull, CPA, PFS in the Florida Keys. Patricia successfully practiced being a CPA and Wealth Manager in both Miami and the Florida Keys for decades and witnessed first hand the lack of focus and confidence that a large percentage of women have when dealing with the financial side of their life. Patricias frustration grew when reading articles about studies that pinpointed the deficiency that women have with financial literacy because the articles never delivered a solution. The articles simply delivered more statistics to back up the problem. Witnessing women literally squandering inheritances and divorce settlements because of their lack of a sound financial foundation was her call to action. After Patricia sold her CPA Firm in 2004 she decided to dissect the problem and do something about developing a way to change this behavior for women once and for all. It took years of reading and analysis to get to the root cause of the problem and find a real solution that works effectively. At the end of her research she finally concluded what she had suspected for quite some time and that was learning to be financially literate is not rocket science stuff and can be taught to women relatively quickly. However, it is the way that it is taught that makes the difference. According to Patricia, one problem is that you cannot teach women about financial matters the same way that you teach men. Most men seem to have the ability to take bits and pieces of unrelated financial information and weave those pieces in to a fabric with which they can clothe themselves. On the other hand, women, and even some men, seem to have great difficulty putting those bits and pieces together and as a result uncertainty sets in which leads to financial paralysis. A good example of this is how traditional courses on retirement planning are taught. The course teaches the participants that, for most people, retirement is inevitable and therefore they need to start saving and investing now for their retirement. It teaches the participants how to compute how much they will need to save and even includes a method to cut back on expenses and increase savings. Can women understand all of this? Of course they can but, they will not implement it. Instead, they will walk right out of the course and take $10,000 out of their retirement savings account and send their grandchild to Europe for the summer. They do this even

  • Copyright 2012 Florida Keys Seminars LLC. All rights reserved

    though they cannot afford to do it. More often than not this behavior deals their retirement plan a hard blow. Another example is when women with no financial foundation sit through a course on investing. This ends up becoming a blur over time. Patricias research and observations over the years led her to realize that the difference between men and women is that women need a central focus as a foundation to build upon. With women you need to work backwards and teach them by first showing them the fabric after which you can introduce them to how and why it is constructed that way. Once those pieces are in place, you can then easily show them how and where all of the bits and pieces of financial information fit together in the make up of the fabric. Once you approach it this way, women get it every time. This way of teaching is uniquely different in that it provides women with a simple but important central focus that they seem to need and which they can constantly relate back to in order to confidently make sound financial decision in their daily life. Patricia has copyrighted her material and methods and offers via Florida Keys Seminars, LLC a fun filled 5 day boot camp seminar for women on wealth management and the essentials of wealth accumulation and preservation. The course incorporates Patricias central theme and it provides campers with the central focus that they need for mastering financial literacy quickly. The seminars are intimate and ageless and as Patricia says it is never too early or too late for women to learn how to become financially literate. Men are invited to attend or they can go fishing or diving while their wives or significant others are in class. Patricia says that she could teach the course in a shorter amount of time but she doubts that it would stick and worries that her teaching and central focus would soon be forgotten. Instead, she has purposely designed the boot camp with the objective of teaching women over a period of five days. What she does is to teach a simple and easy to learn thought pattern that she refers to as a financial language. This goes hand in hand with her theme in that it centers around and relates back to her central focus so that by the end of the week the campers have put all of the pieces together and are fluent in their new financial language and central focus and are in a position to confidently tackle and make sound financial decisions in most situations that arise in their daily life. The group experience, daily activities and overall classroom experience that campers are offered during the week are also designed to be part of the learning retention process. The boot camp can be a real game changer for single or married women who want to become financially independent quickly and savvy once and for all. It is also for anyone who just inherited a large sum of money or received a divorce or other financial settlement and needs a crash course on how to hold on to it and keep predators away!

  • Copyright 2012 Florida Keys Seminars LLC. All rights reserved

    The Florida Keys is an ideal place for small corporate retreats and Patricia firmly believes that corporate America would do well to send her their employees for financial literacy training so that she can send them back financially savvy ladies. It would be a win-win for both the employee and the corporation. Recently, when one husband asked why he would want to have his wife take the boot camp Patricia quipped back so that she will leave your money alone Visit our website to learn more about these financial boot camps.


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