What to Prevent When Selling Your Foreclosed House

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What to Prevent When Selling Your Foreclosed HouseBy: www.newhorizon.org

To prevent getting scammed by widespread foreclosure frauds, we recommend you stay away from the following offers and firms.

Firms claiming to offer foreclosure services.The US Department of Justice has released warnings to consumers against people or start-up firms that say they provide foreclosure consulting services. After all, these companies may persuade you to get engaged in their unlawful activities. For example, some may offer you easy solutions like assuming a whole new personality or using another persons Social Security Number so you can have a new beginning. Even so, you need to remember that such options involve fraudulence, which can make things a whole lot worse for you.

So, rather than depending on this kind

of services, it would still be smart to speak to an authorized real estate agent, who can supply you the information you need in the event you choose to finally sell your house to pay back your debts.

Provides for mortgage refinancing deals from newly-established credit agencies.Even though refinancing can be the excellent means to fix your credit problems, remember that working with deceitful companies can, actually, give you more damage. In fact, many of these companies may only want to consider accessing your personal, financial, and contact information. This way, they can use your identification for unlawful purposes. Others might take benefit of your serious financial condition, and give you a credit plan that enforces a high interest rate and excessive charges.

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