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  • 1. Here I am doing a rough plan for the digipack cover. I wanted to have a rough idea on what I wanted for the cover and how I was going to do it, this was also a good way to brush up and remember my skills on Photoshop Im just experimenting with the set fonts on Photoshop and trying out what works with the testing picture and what doesnt Once I have chosen the font I want Im experimenting with the placement of the text and what works best to make it stand out I have decided that to make if different I want the text to be behind the models head to body, I feel this will make it standout more because any other ways I feel are too standard

2. This screenshot and the one before I am just going through the process of placing the text behind the model Im experimenting with the placement of the masthead behind the model to see what is more grabbing I am now adding the name of the song as well on the cover as in my research when I was looking at professional ones this is a common convention. I like this because its simple its to too busy and i feel that makes it standout, I really like the photo. However I do feel that the text is too boring and to improve on this I would change this.