Rational Numbers ' - The Maths Quiz with a crappy title :-D

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Rational Numbers! :-p

No animals were harmed during the making of this quiz , Except some bloody mosquitoes!

Neither the Quizzers nor the Quizmasters in this support smoking or other drugs .

Total of 16 QuestionsNo negatives , feel free to guess.

Questions are starred in order to resolve a tie , if any.

1 Question . 1 Point . 0 Negatives !Guess Please . We dont discourage wild guesses .

Helping others or helping yourself in copying shall result in - Temporary / Permanent ban on how much you copy .


Ask Doubts .But dont ask too obvious things!

And finally . Quizmaster is the Danger

1The sieve of Eratosthenes is an ancient method used to find out what in mathematics?

Prime Numbers


Pictured is the reverse side of the Fields Medal , which is considered to be the Nobel Prize for Mathematics .

Which mathematicians tomb is depicted on the medal illustrating his theoremon the sphere and the cylinder visible on the medal?


3 *This word came into existence with its major root from an Arabic word meaning empty .

The rules governing the use of this appeared for the first time inBrahmagupta's bookBrahmasputha Siddhanta(The Opening of the Universe),written in 628AD .

What ?


4 *Which branch of mathematics shares its name with the surname of this character from Tintin comics ?:


5 *The earliest _____ has been found in theGreekGigliowreck near theItaliancoast. The ship find dates to the 6th century BC. The wooden piece already featured a fixed and a movable jaw. Although rare finds, _____ remained in use by the Greeks andRomans.

The modern _____, reading to thousandths of an inch, was invented by American Joseph R. Brown in 1851. It was the first practical tool for exact measurements that could be sold at a price within the reach of ordinary machinists.

Which tool ?


6The spiral shapes of sunflowers follow this particular type of sequence named after an Italian mathematicianWhich type of sequence ?


7The ______ and Their Mathematical Secretsis a 2013 book bySimon Singh, which is based on the premise that "many of the writers of The _______ are deeply in love with numbers, and their ultimate desire is to drip-feed morsels of mathematics into the subconscious minds of viewers. The book compiles all the mathematical references used throughout the show's run and analyzes them in detail.

Which animated series series?

The Simpsons

8Searching X in Wikipedia brings the initial result as not to be confused with Y .

The term X was coined in 1920 by the 9 year old nephew of the mathematician Edward Kasner who popularized the term in his book ,Mathematics and the Imagination.

X or Y ?

X Googol

Y- Google

9 *Name the numeral system shown in the pic where the lower numeral has the corresponding values to the Decimal system given above.

Mayan Numerals

10 *< Image on next slide >

Shown is a 16th century painting showing keen competition between two mathematicians for the introduction of theAlgrebrainto Europe in the 12th century .

The one on the left is Boethius , an algorist . Who is the one on the right , calculating using an abacus?


11The word is derived from Latin meaning "length under . Afolk etymologysays thata part of itmeans "side", so______means a support like a prop orbuttress (an architecturalstructure built against or projecting from awallwhich serves to support or reinforce the wall ) .

Which term?


12On which mathematicians life is this Academy Award winning film based on ?

John Nash

13 Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of this and is built on a belief evolved from these reasons-

The position of Judas during the last supper.Omission of a particular law from the Code of Hammurabbi.

What practice / Fear of what?

Fear of Number 13

14 *The following Mnemonics are used to remember what easily All seniors take calculusAll Silver Tea Cups and locally Arunapuram Saint Thomas College .

What ?

Signs of Trigonometric Functions in Different Quadrants.

15 Graph displaying the changes in what over time ?

Value of Pi

16"Once, in the taxi from London, Hardy noticed its number, ____. He must have thought about it a little because he entered the room where Ramanujan lay in bed and, with scarcely a hello, blurted out his disappointment with it. It was, he declared, 'rather a dull number,' adding that he hoped that wasn't a bad omen. 'No, Hardy,' said Ramanujan, 'it is a very interesting number. It is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways

Which number?

1729Ramanujan Number