10 English Fun Facts - You Probably Didn't Know About

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  1. 1. 10 ENGLISH FUN FACTSThat you probably didnt know about
  2. 2. YEA SHALL NOT REPEAT! The longest English word that can be spelledwithout repeating any letterais unCopyrightable'
  3. 3. l am. is the shortest Complete sentence in the Engbshlanguage
  4. 4. rt . 9 is the most Commonlyused word in English
  5. 5. language that rhymes with month,orange,silver or purple
  6. 6. oveve or VOWELS MAYBE. Queueing is the only word with five consecutive vowels
  7. 7. UFFICI A GUAGE OF SKY! It doesn t matter which country they are from,allpilots speak in English on international flights
  8. 8. Elpproximatel y one new word is added to the English language every twohours
  9. 9. TALK ABOUT INITIAL LETTER! More English words begin with theletter S than any other letter of the alphabet
  10. 10. PNEUMIINUULTRAMICRUSIIIJPICSILIIJOVDLCANUCUNIDSISThis is the longest word inEnglish which has 45 letters
  11. 11. GAL!Y GU PRGIi'GUll! GE IT RIGHT? We ll Ll Tl is or tel t IoilLIEEI E Ii lg,l l.ll he-. l Ii til;al u; E'l: ml ll{iii~ ; lr-l I . _V '1 T I 1LITE i. .iva iiil __I yr, '_r__i,_ ! _ W" l_ _V_ wllilllg Ellint i Ill t; .pi E, Iw, iIl. _,l ll lg E-fl lll