10 key takeaways from my visit to KaosPilots

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I had known KaosPilots since entering to Tiimiakatemia Finland in 2005, and had paid a visit to their Rotterdam branch back in 2007. Although I had a feeling of how it might be in arhus, visiting the original spot was a deep experience. Theres just such an amount of stories and tacit knowledge in there! Im looking forward to meet Simon from KP in Finland in the coming summer 2012 with the TA people, and keep finding synergies between the Tiimiakatemia and KaosPilots. Both of these programs are radical innovations in the field of higher education and both create tons of entrepreneurs.


  • 1. 10 key takeawaysfrom my visit to By Henna Kriinen, Monkey Business, Team Academy Finland alumni29. maaliskuuta 12

2. 1. is over 20 years oldKP grew from a project done with the troubled youth that needed to regain their condence and self-respect. Methods used for doing that were gymnastic street theatre and ambitious common projects, like aiming to go to Soviet Union with 2000 Scandinavian young people with a plan of throwing a big rock concert at the Red Square in Moscow back in 1989.A radical & ambitious training was implemented to young professionals in 1991 when the rst KaosPilots team took off to the Pic: Inner court of KP premises, where the ight of their lives. program of the youth still keeps running.29. maaliskuuta 12 3. 2. Its all based on projects In terms of project work KaosPilot applies well the principles of learning by doing - learners there work for real clients all the time, there are no imaginary cases given. The nal projects are done individually and may be done of whatever interests the learner. Pic: Project Art of Hosting Karlskrona that was started in collaboration between the Kaospilots, Team Academy and MSLS and run for 3rd year now in 2012.29. maaliskuuta 12 4. 3. While being KaosPilots they are called studentsWhile KaosPilot is an inspiring title to use in every occasion, I could hear the word student very many times inside the house when referring to the learners in this program. I wonder how much the people in KaosPilots feel like being students?I understood they get some basic classes in areas like: project design, business design and process design and management. This basic training given for everyone might bring a student-like feeling, but otherwise I could sense that the people in the house are KaosPilots and entrepreneurs, not students.Pic: The stairway in KaosPilots arhus with a pic of every KaosPilot.29. maaliskuuta 12 5. 4. The type of the training given shapes the projects done In the early KaosPilots teams the mostcommon projects were cultural and othertype of events. Starting to give classes in systemic processdesign caused a shift in the type of projectsdelivered. KaosPilots started to work onmore complex projects addressing thechallenges in the society and aroundsustainability. Projects done nowadays haveshifted into social direction and havePic: A result of an Open Space session of drawing dreams hosted byKaosPilot Oliver and participated by about 10 people at AoHbecame more and more systemic.Karlskrona, 2012.29. maaliskuuta 12 6. 5. outposts & globality In order to be the best school for the world its necessary to learn the world and be there to serve it. KaosPilots do outposts for practicing the tools and to implement projects in other countries. The rst outpost was done to San Francisco in mid 90s and At this very moment a KP team is doing a 3-month- long outpost in Colombia.Pic: KaosPilots are spread all over the world to make the change happen. Inthis pic its Espen, a San Francisco based KaosPilot. PIc by Liher Pillado.29. maaliskuuta 12 7. 6. Next up: Alumni network &Internationalization The graduated KaosPilots who Ive met say theres work to do for using the full potential of the alumni network. Right now KP is visibly & strongly working on that. Few years back KaosPilot opened schools outside of Denmark in Scandinavia & Rotterdam, Holland. For reasons unknown to me they then closed all of those that were ouside Denmark. Now theres KaosPilots coming up in Switzerland. New emphasis is put on how to grow internationally.29. maaliskuuta 12 8. 7. BusinessbusinessKaosPilot might be the only Danish Uni where studying costs, and its a private business as such. They offer the 3 years long KaosPilots program, as well as 3-4 days long master classes with the KaosPilot methods.Educational consultancy is an active branch of business from KaosPilots.Pic: The educational methods created in the Danish city of arhus at theKaosPilots are interesting all around the world.29. maaliskuuta 12 9. 8. Doing jobs that didnt exist before A classic question seems to be: Whats your profession after graduating from KaosPilots? And the answer lies in the name itself, a KaosPilot. A KaosPilot is an agent for playful work, and embraces the world creating jobs that maybe werent existing before. KaosPilots navigate in the contemporary chaos. Maybe this is exactly what we need now. A new profession. A consequence of our understanding that organisational and societal challenges today force us not just to look for new solutions, but to look in a different way. - sentence taken from The KaosPilots 20/20 book29. maaliskuuta 12 10. 9. Culture is there in arhusThe environment is colourful, you can paint in the walls, hang a hammock and organize the rooms as you wish. Its all lively and dynamic. Theres something about this space and the feeling in it.You know, I was here in early 90s. It certainly has changed...yet...something about the atmosphere, the people, and the vibe feels absolutely the same. - sentence taken from The KaosPilots 20/20 bookThe challenge here is: How to expand the innovation to other environments and countries?Pic: Entry to KaosPilots in arhus.29. maaliskuuta 12 11. 10. Vision: To be the best school for the world.Pic: From the KaosPilots website, vision page.29. maaliskuuta 12 12. Writers notes & thanks!I had known KaosPilots since entering to Tiimiakatemia Finland in 2005, and had paid a visit to their Rotterdam branch back in 2007. With our company Monkey Business also worked with Kaospilots around the AoH Karlskrona event. With this background I had a feeling of how it might be in arhus and still visiting the original spot was a deep experience. Theres just such an amount of stories and tacit knowledge in there!Im looking forward to meet Simon from KaosPilots in Finland in the coming summer 2012 and keep nding synergies. Theres a lot in common between Tiimiakatemia & KaosPilots, both are radical innovations in the eld of higher education and both create tons of entrepreneurs.For more insights, projects or thoughts please contact: henna@banana.,www.banana., @hennamonkey29. maaliskuuta 12