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Finally made it to Art of Hosting training, and here 10 my key takeaways from it. I thin you should take a chance as well, since it's so powerful for engaging people to conversations that matter.


  • 1. My 10 key takeaways from Art of Hosting training at Karlskrona, Sweden Experienced and written by Henna Kriinen henna@banana. www.banana.2. huhtikuuta 12

2. 1. There is something concrete in the circle. I didnt go to AoH on my rst chance at 2010 because I was fed up with sitting in a circle and talking about unconcrete things, and my fear was that AoH would be full of that. Eventually I got over that circle overdose, and nowadays I believe the participative and conversational working methods are very concrete, relevant and most efcient for committing people to your projects. AoH Karlskrona showed that once again.2. huhtikuuta 12 3. 2. From hero to host At every possible moment in AoH training theres a request for you to stand up and invite people to work with you. The idea is to train hosts, while the sometimes popular hero-leaders are not appearing, or should not appear, in the room. A host is someone who ignites and holds the space for conversation. Host is not a hero- leader, but merely an equal with an intention.2. huhtikuuta 12 4. 3. AoH happens in a global context & global community AoH is a global network. Therefore the conversations well have in on our rst AoH Finland for example, will expand globally via the international participants, the harvesting sites and the online presence of the community. Examples of the global AoH are the 1000 tables dialgues in Israel & all over the world using the Art of Hosting practices.2. huhtikuuta 12 5. 4. Every moment is a chance to stand up and host Since the day one we were asked to co-host sessions, eg. Open Space and Pro Action Cafe together with the experienced hosts. Co- hosting means that you have a chance to learn how to conduct such an activity. Aside of that any participant could still stand up and host a session in eg. Open Space or Pro Action Caf.2. huhtikuuta 12 6. 5. The nugget is our ownstories - bring up yours. The most useful thing for me in the training was ur working with stories. We worked both with our own stories in Appreciative Incuiry, and also with others stories in a storytelling workshop. My takeaway is that the world is made of stories, not atoms. (like Mary-Alice Arthur said) Storytellers work on the eld of sense making. It all makes sense when its connected with a story. Stories lead the world.2. huhtikuuta 12 7. 6. Youll learn a bunch of newuseful tools Tools you learn for facilitating group dialogues and for leading change are great, but in fact theyre just a secondary value in the treat - most important is that the gathering hosts conversations that matter, and that you bring up and host conversations that matter to You. As said in the point 3. AoH is international, and the conversations we have eg. in Finland will travel to the world via AoH community.2. huhtikuuta 12 8. 7. Its all about hosting conversations that matter If you want to have a specic conversation that matters or move on with your personal project, bring it on the AoH. At AoH training you can ignite a global conversation on the thing that matters. Because on the network the conversations well have in one place will expand globally via the international participants, the harvesting sites and the online presence of the community.2. huhtikuuta 12 9. 8. Harvesting gives a meaning Whatever you talk and do with your project is in danger to stay in the air and be forgotten by your team and community unless you pay attention to harvesting it. Harvesting is something taken out of any conversation that gives a meaning to that group.2. huhtikuuta 12 10. 9. Give some of your skills tothe use of everyone Songs, poems, stories, videos, photos,installations, situational photoshows...anything can come and give ameaning for the whole crew of participants,and youll get to practice your practice as apractitioner: win-win-win.2. huhtikuuta 12 11. 10. Art of Hosting training makes you know where are you standing It kicks you to look into yourself, think about yourself in relation to others and expose your thoughts to others continuously. As a result you get connected with your rmest position (in life, between projects, physically) and nd out how to stand there.2. huhtikuuta 12 12. Art of Hosting training happens for the rst time in Finland in 3 weeks 23-25 April 2012, at Otavan opisto, MikkeliHosted by Toke, Monica & Piret and Ville its sure a pure AoH at its core. Check more and sign in at:http://aohsuomi.wordpress.com/ For any questions, notes & ideas about these slides, feelfree to contact: henna@banana., www.banana.2. huhtikuuta 12