10 Things I Hate About You - Film analysis

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10 things I hate about you

10 things I hate about you

Fariha Haque


The film opens with a graphic match of the city which then dissolves into a long shot of the city the film will be set in.

Panning shots of busy neighbourhoods are also shown in the opening to again give us a sense that the main action is located in the city.


Props such as cars are used when we are first introduced to characters as they arrive in a blue car. Blue connotes coolness which is how this set of characters may want to come across however they also meet another character in a red car.

The use of the colour red here connotes dangers and hate as they roll their eyes at the person inside of this car.


Sans-serif titles are shown throughout the opening of the film and are written in different colours such as blue and greens.

Titles have a scruffy look to them as if they have been handwritten and gone over several times. This effect is done to link in to the main title of 10 things i hate about you emphasising on the hate.

However we also get a feel that the hate isnt caused over something too serious as it uses a squiggle animation.