12. modals

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  • Grammar 2Summer 2013IECPNikki Mattson

  • Taboo!

  • Split Classes

  • AgendaModal verbs

  • BrainstormingWhat do you already know about modal verbs?(Discuss this question and make a list of things you know with your partner.)

  • Chapter 8 Modal VerbsCanShouldMayMightMustWouldWould like

    Would ratherCouldHave toHave got toNot have toHad better Be supposed toBe able toBe permitted toBe allowed to

  • Pg. 240 chart

  • Pre ReadingPg. 240, Discuss Qs 1+2 with your partner

  • ListeningPg. 241, listen

  • Pg. 242 chart

  • PracticePg. 242, ex. 1

  • Pg. 243 chart

  • PracticePg. 243, ex 2

  • PracticePg. 244, ex. 3-6 (complete and share your answers with your partner)

  • Practicing Modals through FilmHandoutVideo

  • Review Switch Teachers

  • PracticePg. 246, ex. 7 (partner discussion)


  • PracticeWrite a conversation with your partner. Imagine one of you is new to the class and doesnt know the rules. Each time the new student breaks a rule, the experienced student should correct him and use must, be supposed to, have to, have got to, shouldnt, cant, and are not permitted to.

    You will have about 10 minutes to prepare your conversation/drama.

  • PracticePg. 248, ex. 10-14, complete and share your responses with your partner

  • Pg. 252 chart

  • PracticePractice 1 Imagine you are a parent who is telling a child how to behave. (must/have to/have got to/had better/are not allowed to)

    Practice 2 Imagine you are in class with a friend. Suggest what kind of behavior is appropriate for class. (should/ be supposed to/be permitted to/can/could)

  • HWComplete practice test (unit 3 and 7) + prepare for testReview pgs. 240-252

  • Switch TeachersPractice Test