15 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active This Summer

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  • 1. http://afterschool.ae 15 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active This Summer It summer time, feed your with nutritious food from fruits to vegetables of course. Keep them active throughout this summer as well to keep them healthy. Lets Get Mo ing! Fun ways to stay active this summer! RUN: 1. Up and down the stairs 5 times how fast are you? 2. A lap around the house can you beat your brother? 3. In place during commercials get the workout in!

2. http://afterschool.ae DANCE: 4. To your favorite tunes music will inspire you! 5. In your room create some crazy moves. 6. On skates try roller skating. JUMP: 7. Over a rope see how you can get at jumping rope this summer. 8. Up pretend the ground is hot lava and keep your feet off the ground! 9. Over some hopscotch squares grab some chalk and play with friend. WALK: 10. Your dog teach him how fun it is to exercise too! 11. With a friend play I py along the ay. 12. Outside enjoy the summer sun, with sunscreen. KICK: 13. A soccer ball with friends at the park. 14. A ball through an obstacle course set up cones and dribble the ball through! 15. A ball through a hula hoop or tire hanging from a tree. Source: http://uvahealth.com/childrens