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  1. 1. Using Free Tools & Web 2.0 15 ICT Ideas for the Classroom Authentic Contextualised Experiential
  2. 2. Do we need ICT in the classroom? Educational Games?
  3. 3. Problems with ICT in the classroom Non-authentic learning and meaningless consumption of educational media perpetuates the old problems of traditional classroom passive & disengaged learners Disjointed from classroom and curriculum needs Adds to teachers plates and students learning requirement i.e. learn ICT skills ON TOP of curriculum Technology driven, not pedagogy driven.
  4. 4. How to create ? There is a need to integrate ICT more meaningfully in the classroom, with consideration of learners needs and technology affordances!
  5. 5. ICT is a great mean for Learning by doing. Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results. ~ John Dewey How do we learn?
  6. 6. ICT engages learners by Learning by doing. Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I may remember; Involve me and I will learn. ~ Xunzi(312-230 BC)
  7. 7. ICT the mean of Doing in the classroom To become 21st Century Competent Critical Thinkers Creative Builders
  8. 8. Meaningful ICT in the classroom Learning must be authentic and contextualised. ICT must be the mean of learning, and not the end in mind. ICT as a mean of doing something, creatively and collaboratively; involving critical thinking ICT as a mean to expand minds. Learn to learn, with ICT, not learn ICT.
  9. 9. 15Meaningful ICT Project Ideas For learning by doing
  10. 10. #1. Create a SlideShare As an alternative task to composition or argumentative writing, task students to collaborate and create a SlideShare using PowerPoint and these PowerPoint Templates.
  11. 11. #3. Create a Life Cycle V- Log Task students to create a Vlog using PowerPoint to explain [Life Cycle] 1. Task them to do research on the topic at hand to create the slides & write their own narration script. 2. Use Audacity to record their narration. 3. Import audio into PowerPoint 4. Enhance V-log with animation and slides transition. 5. Save as .mp4 or .wmv file. 6. Upload to LMS or Youtube Full lesson slides and lesson plans free for download here.
  12. 12. #4. Create a Class Newsletter Task students to create a newsletter using PowerPoint Full lesson slides, lesson plans & PowerPoint newsletter templates free for download here.
  13. 13. www.vecteezy.com
  14. 14. Full lesson slides, lesson plans & PowerPoint templates free for download here.
  15. 15. #13. Create a History Infographic Timeline Task students to research and summarise key milestones of a selected topic. Present info using a timeline design. Infographics PowerPoint newsletter templates free for download here.
  16. 16. Feel free to comment on the ICT ideas. Provide feedback to mh@learninghero.co More free educational and ICT project resources @ www.learninghero.co Yours Sincerely,