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  • 1. Leafy sea dragon by Milly The Leafy Sea Dragon By Milly

2. Contents Introduction.03 Habitat04 Diet..05Reproduction........06Breathing................07Appearance............08Movement..............09Communication....10Relations.................11Adaptions...............12Threats....................13Life Span.................14Fun Facts................15 Conclusion.............16References.............17Glossary..................18 3. Introduction Have you ever wondered what other species are in the ocean?Well, my report will inform you all about the leafy sea dragon.Not everyone knows about the leafy sea dragon but thats hopefully about to change. 4. Habitat The leafy sea dragon lives in Australia. The leafy sea dragon is found only in the southern waters of Australia in Victoria and the Eastern waters of Australia, 220 km north of Perth. Also, they live 50 meters below sea level in sand patches, kelp beds and piles of sea grass. 5. Diet The leafy sea dragon has lots of different meals. They eat plankton and small crustaceans such as shrimp, mysid and larval sh. It uses its snout to suck up its prey. 6. Breeding " The leafy sea dragons lays lots of eggs. The female lays up to 250 pink eggs but only 5% survive in the wild. The male carries the eggs on their brood patch (tail) until the eggs hatch, which can take up to 9 months. The breeding season starts in March and ends in October." Eggs" The leafy sea dragons eggs are very unique. Their eggs are very colourful they are " bright pink. The eggs are very tiny and round. Reproduction Life Cycle The leafy sea dragon has a different way of living than humans .The rst few days they start to swim away from their parents they start to nd their own food and their own place to live before they have their own babies (a drake) Babies The leafy sea dragon have babies like humans do. A baby leafy sea dragon is called a drake.When a baby is born it is ready to leave their parents. 7. Breathing The leafy sea dragon breaths like a sh .They inhale water into their mouths and they let water out of their gills, which separates the oxygen through its gills. 8. Appearance The leafy sea dragon is a unusual shape and size.They grow up to 14 cm to 18 cm long .They weigh approximately half a pound or less. The leafy sea dragon is lots of different colours.The bodies are a mix of brown, orange with olive scales.Also, they have green leaf appendixes . 9. The leafy sea dragon has multiple relatives. They are cousins with all the species of sea horse and sea dragon and close relatives with a pipe sh. They might be relatives with a sea horse but is classied as a sh.FAMILY 10. Movement! The leafy sea dragon moves differently to other sea species . It also sleeps upside down, so if you see one when it's asleep you wouldn't know if it was dead or asleep. When the water is nice and calm they are nice and relaxed but if the water is rough they are restless. It also has tiny ns on the sides of its head to help them move in the water they are also very slow swimmers ." 11. Adaptions! The leafy sea dragon has adaptations to keep them alive. One of their adaptations is camouage. They use camouage to hide from predators . Also they have appendixes like leafs to help them move easer in the water . 12. Communication The leafy sea dragon communicates differently to humans.When a male and a female are meeting they dance before they breed.When the male and the female are breeding the males tail become bright yellow to get ready to hold all the babies . 13. The leafy sea dragon have natural and man made threats. They get caught by collectors and are used for medicine and they dont have very strong bodies so in big storms they normally get washed up on beaches . Threats 14. The Leafy sea dragon is related to a sea horse and a pipe sh .They are related to a sea horse and pipe sh because of their snout and bony body. Relations 15. Life Span The leafy sea dragon has a life span like humans. It can live for up to 6 to 10 years in captivity and the same in the wild. A baby waits 2 years before they are ofcially an adult but swim away from home when they are born. 16. 10 FUN FACTS!!! - A leafy sea dragon swims 150km per hour - A baby leafy sea dragon is called a drake - A leafy sea dragon likes to hide in kelp - The scientic name for a leafy sea dragon is Phycodurs Eques - A leafy sea dragon is classied as a sh - The leafy sea dragon is in danger - They lay up to 250 eggs but only 5% survive - A leafy sea dragon has an appendix that looks like leaves to help them camouage - They are close relatives with all the sea horse species and pipe sh. - There are 2 types of leafy sea dragons a weedy and a leafy. 17. Conclusion In conclusion I hope that you know heaps more about these mind blowing creatures. Some ways that you could make sure the leafy sea dragons population increases.#1: If you see a leafy sea dragon LEAVE IT IN THE WATER. #2: Dont join the collectors, join protecting the leafy sea dragon.I hope you enjoyed reading my report and that you have to help the leafy sea dragon or there will be no more. 18. References www.pittsburg.zoo.orgwww.factzoo.comen.wikipedia.orgwww.visitsealife.comwww.seahorseworld.comwwf.panda.orgwww.divegallery.comwww.animalstime.comwww.animalplace.netwww.arkive.org 19. Glossary Phycodurus Eques{ leafy sea dragon}" Captivity{ held in a tank}" Camouage{ blending, hiding}" Species{ animals types} 20. Images