2009 Trees For Survival Planting Trip

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Text of 2009 Trees For Survival Planting Trip

  • 2009 Trees For Survival Planting TripMataia FarmKaipara

  • PreparationThe trip does not happen without a lot of preparation before time.A day has to be selected and approved by Sue Crawshay of the ARC.This has to be agreed upon by the landowners.Arrangements have to be made with our sponsors, Downtown Rotary re booking a bus.The landowners, Gill and Kevin Adshead had to come down, meet us and take the 800 trees back to Mataia.The trees, previously readied and toughened up had to be taken by the class out to the gate at the end of the field. We had help from school staff with this.

  • Preparation

  • The DayWe gathered the last cabbage trees to go up on the bus and then, together with parents and John, our school groundsman, we left, a bit late because the bus was held up by rush hour traffic getting to school.The trip was to take a little over an hour. We were lucky our bus driver knew the route because hed taken another class to a farm not far from our one.

  • Our bus rideWe travelled through green countryside once we were off the motorway at Silverdale. Children saw a great variety of animals including alpacas. There were some unusual black faced sheep and we passed deer being farmed too.One of our class comes from Korea and was fascinated by all the trees!!

  • ArrivalAs we tumbled off the bus, eager to stretch our legs, we were greeted by Gill. We were glad to be able to have a snack and a drink after wed put our gumboots on and unloaded the bus.Nicky, our enviro teacher, was there along with three Rotarians whod come to be human diggers.There were a number of hard working adults to help, and Jack the dog was back, as pleased to see us as he had been last year. The boys loved shaking his paw.

  • Departure and arrival

  • Planting out!A great walk through the yard, smells and all, across a paddock, over a stile, and wow, at last we were there! Look out ground, were here to dig you over!In places the ground was easy to dig, unfortunately that wasnt all the time. It was good to have so many willing and hardworking adults to urge us on.

  • Eight hundred, hopefully, trees later it was time to call it a day and return to the shed for what had inspired the children throughout the experience so far, the promise of the yummiest lunch ever.Naturally it lived up to its reputation, thanks to Gill.

  • Planting out

  • The return We were all tired out on the bus back to school, some even tried to sleep!A lot still found the strength to chatter! The next task has been to prick out next years trees which arrived as punnets of seedlings. We also have topot on from root trainers to milk cartons to free up large root trainers for the many young flax seedlings!!

  • Pricking Out Seedlings