2010 year end report

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Annual Report based on the Priority Improvement areas of Cuenca National High School


  • 1. CNHS 2010 YEAR END REPORTIn our quest for quality education we must have a blue print for all the programs and activities that geared towards innovations and development. Our school to be effective must be properly focused on its vision, mission and goals in order to effect change and achieve desirable effect in its pursuit of excellence.The CNHS and its stakeholders have come together and pooled their resources to become committed to the purpose of creating an atmosphere where learning through collaboration, creativity and participation takes place.This plan will serve as our guidepost in threading the road towards excellence as we achieve our targets under our annual implementation plan. Areasfor TargetStrategies/Outcome/ Sustainability DevelopmentObjectivesActivities Output SpecialIntegrate ICT inICT Trained On-going and Project:Integrated teachersthe classroom sustainedTeaching and Digital students Enhancing the and in all subject Learning Won 2nd place Curriculum areas Computerin the division throughthe and Internet Search for BestLearning Integration of CourseProject SITE ICT in Entered as the Teaching and Division entry Learning to the Microsoft 6th Innovative Teachers Leadership Awards Student Development1. No ICTDevelop ICT as aIntroduceIncreased Accessibility access for strategy toICT achievement in attained interactiveachieve enhanced all subject areas learning for technologicalcurriculum studentsliteracy for allTechnologicallyFunctional

2. learnersIntroduce literate students Computer andICT in all and teachers Internet subject areas DIGITAL Laboratory ProvideLEARNERS access to the schoolsIPPDComputer and InternetLaboratory Use of Internet basedlearning, self- directedIncreased 2. Low NAT To increase NAT learning,Increased NAT NAT results MPS enhancedand NCAEMPS by at least lecture roomresults10% based fromUse of ICTprevious results. enhancedlessonexemplars Use of NATreviewmaterials andestablish a scheduledreview sessionIdentifyweaknessesbased on theresponseshown in theNAT result Staff Development1. Lack of Equip allTrainings and AcquiredOn-going andtraining in teachers workshop for computer and sustainedcomputer computer and all teachers internet skillsenhanced,internet literacy for digital Evident indigitaland teachingteaching teachersteaching skills to becomeand digital teachers capabilityinternet for digitalliteracylearnersskills of ProvideCoaching and 3. teachers mentoring on Mentoring Presence of 2. Nolesson plans howto makedeveloped integrating ICTlesson lessonplansexemplars integrating ICTintegratingICTCurriculum Development1. To develop To enhance ContinuousPresence ofOn-going and e-learning as ateacher needs identified entry curriculum usingsustained strategy inassessmentpoints of ICT in teaching andICT in teaching and training the curriculum Evident in provide access and learning teachers of ICT in everycapability classroom development through an enhance ICT integrated curriculum Facilities Development1. Repair of 1Tomake Sourcing out NewlyRepair classroomof funds from renovated teaching completed andSBRM Funds classroom environmentreadyfor conduciveoccupancy 2. Rip rappingTo Sourcing out Rip rapped Riprapping of schoolsof funds from perimeter, prevent/minimize completed eroded LGU erosion perimeter erosion of the minimized school lot