2014 ALUS presentation

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Keith Reid, Project Co-ordinator, ALUS Grey Bruce Keith will provide an update on the ALUS program in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Text of 2014 ALUS presentation

  • 1. Alternative Land Use Service Keith Reid Project Coordinator

2. Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) has a simple, yet revolutionary goalcreate a healthy, working landscape that sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians.www.alus.ca 3. The current marketplace does not reward farmers for doing all the right things environmentally and ALUS is a tool that does that 4. Grey/Bruce Projects 5. Before 6. Over 75% of all flowering plants are pollinated by animals. 7. Move Forward With New Approved Projects Demonstration Site Tours Complete Projects Locate Demonstration FarmsForm PAC & Hire Project Coordinator 8. Grey Ag Services Project Coordinator Keith Reid 519.986.3756 keith@greyagservices.ca Official Websitewww.alus.ca