25 ways to live a better life

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    25 WaysTo Live A Better Life


    hen it comes to making changes for the better, even small steps can move you closer to your dreams. Get started today. Choose your

    favorites from these options and experience real benefits.

    1. Keep a journal. With smartphones, electronic tablets, and computers, keeping a daily diary is quick and convenient. If you prefer the traditional route, get one of those beautifully-covered blank books and journal to your hearts desire.

    Jot down how you feel, what you think, what disturbs you, or what makes you happy. Youll develop self-awareness.

    2. Move your body. Take time for exercise. Go for a brisk 30-minute walk, complete a yoga DVD, or jog for 20 minutes. When you exercise on a regular basis, your muscle tone will improve and so will your mood.

    3. Call your parents. Dont you feel better when you check in and see how your mom and dad are doing? Your life is emotionally enriched when you keep regular contact with your parents.

    4. Play with your kids. Re-discover the miracle of children. Theres no better way to bring renewal, fun, and passion into your life than taking time out simply to play with your children. And frolicking with the little ones will strengthen your relationships as well.



  • 5. If youre a parent, read a book on child-rearing. If youre not a parent, read a book about how to perform well in your career. Reading relevant non-fiction is motivating and strengthens your chances for success.

    6. Take good care of your teeth. Your teeth are intimately connected with your overall health. Get dental checks at least twice yearly or as your dentist requires. Endeavor to improve your health through regular dental care.

    If youve been away from the dentist for years, call today.

    7. Practice effective money management. If you need guidance, contact your local budget counselor or consumer credit counseling service. Developing wise money habits will bring you a few steps closer to the good life you deserve.

    8. Read a fiction book. Who doesnt love a good story? Expand your mind, enjoy new experiences, and improve vocabulary with the written word.

    9. Experience the benefits of gratitude. Reflect on your gifts each day. What did you appreciate today? Even little things count in your total experience. Soon, youll find that the more thankful you are, the more nice things happen to be grateful for!

    10. Join an activity club. Increasing your social contacts by taking part in an organized activity is enriching and invigorating. Reach out to the club or group of your choice and get involved.


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    11. Do daily affirmations. Reflect on one affirmation each day and decide how you can apply it in your life. You can find them in self-development books and websites. Allow yourself to bloom through affirmations.

    12. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Make it a weekend activity to visit your local farmers markets. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, the less processed foods youll eat.

    Focus your nutritional path on wellness and healthy nourishment.

    13. Give some money to a cause thats close to your heart. Giving improves both your life and the lives of others.

    14. Delve into a subject of interest. Enjoy researching your favorite stuff. Seek knowledge to brighten your life journey.

    15. Help someone just because you want to. The opportunities to make someones life a bit easier are all around you. How you feel about yourself will increase tremendously when you offer a helping hand.

    16. Recognize everyone matters. Regardless of ones social status, type of work, or location of residence, every human being is as important as the other. Live this truth each day.

    17. Visit a school nearby and offer your services. Do they need a librarian for two hours a week? Maybe you can help address flyers or make copies for the teachers. Its a great feeling to know youre contributing to the lives of our youngsters.

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    18. Spread sunshine all around you. Give compliments. Take notice of the hard work and care that those around you offer. Increase your own chances of happiness by spreading joy and positivity.

    19. Plant something and watch it grow. If you have kids, this one is particularly wondrous. Youll get a kick out of watching your childrens curiosity. Experiencing the awesome power of natures abilities is invigorating.

    20. Work to resolve old hurts. If you have some emotional baggage, its only going to get heavier as life goes on. Gain insight to how those emotions affect you by talking with a counselor or spiritual advisor.

    Resolving your inner challenges is the best thing you can do for yourself and your future.

    21. Clean something. Whether its your bedroom, kitchen, car, or garage, getting the cobwebs out brings optimism.

    22. Focus on what makes you happy. Even if its just for 30 minutes a day, engage in an activity you enjoy. The good life is all about personal satisfaction.

    23. Find your passion and then pursue it. Everyone has something that they get incredibly excited about. Take the internal journey to figure out the source and wellspring of your passion. Set your goals. Then pursue that passion with everything youve got.

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    24. Allow yourself to dream. What do you really want in life? You deserve to have it. Fantasize about it each day. Your dreams will motivate you to act.

    25. Create the life you want. Do you want to work from home? Have a yard with a picket fence? Live in a cozy condo in a large urban area? Make a plan of achievable steps that lead to your goal.

    When you embark on a quest for self-development, you have plenty of choices about where you can start.

    Live the good life you deserve: strive to strengthen your resolve and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals in life.

    Its an investment in your future!

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