3. sagacitas'12 (event sponsorship)

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  • 1. The A nnual Management FestivalofITM-University, G walior ProposedE vent Sponsorship C ost INR 10,000 /-

2. About ITM University ITM University was Established with the name ofITM-Universe running various MultidisciplinaryCourses from Engg. to Nursing in 1997. ITM University is accredited by various National andInternational Body. State of Art Infrastructure with highest no ofsculpture in Asia. ITM-University is Famous not only for its Educationalvalues but cultural ethics it provide. Rich AICTE-INDEST and EBSCO online library, 1stprivate institute to acquire PASW 18.0 (SPSS). www.itmuniversity.ac.in 3. About Sagacitas Sagacitas is derived from the word sagacious;Which means Skillful in Management. This is the 2nd time ITM-University is organizing such anevent. Sagacitas12 consists of 25+ events in 5 differentcategories. In which iTrade, FinX, Simulation Gamesprobably are first of its kind. This year SAGACITAS will put efforts to make apositive difference by taking an Initiative (as an partof Social Responsibility) HOPE.A Hope To Save our Heritage.A Hope To Give Life to others. In Addition to the Above; Sagacitas12 is alsoorganizing a Kite Festival as a symbol of havinghigh aspirations and elevated vision. 4. Why Partner ITM-University always creates benchmark in doingeverything. And draw an Exponentially IncreasingGraph in terms of almost everything. And HenceSagacitas. Sagacitas12 is laid down the efforts toward achievingthe interest of Sponsoring Company, Event & itsParticipants. Expecting the footfall over 10,000+ Students of 15-26years of age from 25+ Schools & 50+ Colleges from allover the Nation. No of choices to promote your brand viz. Marketing &Media Campaign, Direct Mailing (Database*), PressReleases, Online Media, Print Media, Internet, Email. 5. Pre Event Benefits The event will be publicized as Sagacitas presents in association with . The Event Sponsors name and logo will feature inthe event posters to be Pasted in the collegecampus at various locations. The official website which witnesses about a MillionHits is the forum where participants register andparticipate in official events. The official website willflaunt the Logo (With Link) of the Event Sponsor instrategic locations for greater brand visibility. 6. On Site Benefits Event Sponsors logo will appear in the following places:- Backdrops, standees and posters(of particular event)- Sagacitas website. With an estimated participation of more than 10,000+ studentsand corporate houses from all over the India, Sagacitas is theright platform to target this audience. Access to complete database of the Event. Sagacitas is the perfect platform through which you cancarve out a niche for your company in the minds of buddingengineers. Fervent publicity through regular announcements over the PAsystem at the venue of the event. The Event Sponsors are allowed to distribute their PersonalBrochure at the venue of the Event. The Event sponsor had an opportunity to interact with theparticipants on the day 1 as the Event Sponsor is provided withthe 15 min Interaction time. 7. Rock NightsAtITM-University (Highest Gathering Eve) 8. Placement of SponsorsEuphoria performing at ITM-University 9. Indian Ocean performing at ITM-UniversityPlacement of Sponsors 10. DJ Suketu Performing at ITM-University 11. Other Rock Nights at ITM-University Jal Band (Pakistan) Aryans Farid Kot Dj Rixx Dj Dev Geet Sagar 12. Crowd at Rock Night 13. E ve ntBrie f 14. Corporate partnership with a respected Company such as yours will strengthen oursuccess.We believe; this will come-out with our MutualBenefits. Thank You