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Jewellery Both the artists in the key image are wearing a lot of jewellery. The jewellery is large, gold and silver. It symbolises the fact that they made it and are now successful as they are able to spend money on jewellery. Furthermore, the chains wore by the artist have pendants which purposely advertise their company or record label for the readers to see.ClothingThe artist on the left, 50 Cent, is covering his face and only his eyes are visible. This is done to suggest that he is a criminal (gangster). He is wearing a white plain vest with jeans which is a casual type of street wear. It connotes that the artist is from the streets and takes pride in it. The artist on the right is shirtless to show off his tattoos. He is also showing off his Gucci belt with the shiny buckle to match the jewellery, it represents wealth.PositioningThe artists are positioned over the XXL magazine title. This represents that the artist are important as they stand out and are the main part of the magazine whereas everything else is behind or on the side. Also, the fact that the XXL title is behind could suggest that the magazine is already a well known magazine and the audience could probably determine that the magazine is XXL just by seeing a section of the title. The text (artists names) on the side of the magazine is written in large, bold font which perceives that the artist are very important and are big names in the music industry.

PositioningThe photo of the artist is a close up shot which only exposes his face, This is done purposely so the artist can reveal the writing on his hat which states the name of his record label. The artist is overlapping the magazine title which interprets that he is important and stands out. Additionally, the magazine title is covered which could mean that the magazine is already well known and the title does not have to be revealed; the viewers will already know that the magazine is XXL without looking at the whole title name. The artists name and primary story is written in front of the artist which includes a bias description to make the artist seem interesting and attractive.WordingThere is alliteration used in the primary story; Young, fly and flashy. The alliteration of the F makes the phrase interesting and exposes the artist in a catchy way. The term flashy can be seen by the smile of the artist. He is purposely smiling to show off his gold teeth which watch the gold chain. The chain is hardly visible but can be seen behind the word Flashy. ColoursThe use of colour makes the magazine cover more attractive and more organised. The title is written in red which matches the artists name A$AP ROCKY. The matching red colours are the main features on the magazine covers that are important. They stand out from the other artist names on the right (written in black) to catch the readers eye.

ColourThere is a continuous colour scheme of red and white/silver throughout the magazine colour. The title XXL is usually written in red and white, it is now clustered in diamonds. This portrays that the artist are so rich and successful that even the title of the magazine changed with his presence. The clothing and jewellery worn by the artist stays in a silver and red colour scheme. This is because the continuous colour scheme throughout the cover makes it attractive and stand out. Furthermore, the artist to the right has a less visible red bandana in his hand which conveys gang culture and pride in his gang.The high amount of silver makes the magazine cover look iced out and filled with bling. It gives a rich and successful feeling to the magazine.Jewellery Both the artists in the key image are wearing large amounts of jewellery. The main piece of jewellery which is clearly visible are the chains, as the watches and the ri

ColourThe use of colour is significant on this certain magazine cover. The heading under the title states THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TOUCH. This is written under the title which the artist has his hand on. This is done purposely to show that the artist has a talent as the title of the magazine is usually red and the audience know this as it is a well known magazine; he is making the title of the magazine gold. Furthermore, this could suggest that this issue of the magazine will be gold standard. It attracts the customer into purchasing it and reading it to find out more. Additionally, the artists name is written in gold too, with the chains he is wearing which contain hints of gold. This colour scheme is attractive and makes the magazine less messy the audience know what the main intention was. ClothingThe artist in the key image is wearing a formal tuxedo, sunglasses and expensive jewellery. This clothing isnt normally worn as suits do not tend to be worn with chains. However this is done to show that the artist is a street artist (rapper) which is presented by the use of chains and large ring. The sunglasses connote that he is fashionable and fly. The fact that he is wearing a formal suit suggests that he is now a successful man, yet he still takes pride in being from the streets. The clothing represent his success, wealth and pride.