5 ideas for teaching colours using apps and mobile devices

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<ul><li> 1. 5 ideas for teaching colours using appsand mobile devices Kim Ashmore, Director and Co-Founder, LearnAhead Ltd Copyright 2011, LearnAhead</li></ul> <p> 2. 5 ideas for teaching colours using apps andmobile devicesIn this presentation you will find five ideas forteaching colours or about colours using apps andmobile devices. The ideas are aimed at the efl/eslyoung learner classroom, but could be adapted forother contexts. The five ideas are:1. Learn words for colours2. Learn to spell colour words3. Make a colour collage4. Learn about mixing colours5. Draw and record2 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 3. 1. Learn words for coloursThere are many apps out there (especially aimed atpreschoolers) to help children learn colours. Here aretwo of the more creative apps, both simple and veryeasy to use, appropriate for very young learners. Theyare both paid-for apps but this does mean that there isno advertising or accidental in-app purchasing, makingthem suitable for this age group.App: Paint My Wings App: Colour MonsterPlatform: iOS Platform: iOSCost: 0.69/$0.99 Cost: 1.49/$1.993 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 4. 1. Learn words for colours App: Paint My Wings Platform: iOS Cost: 0.69/$0.99In this app children paint a butterflys wings with their fingers,using the colours and shapes that they want (and learn aboutsymmetry at the same time). The butterfly sings and says thecolours as the child (or the teacher) paints. If you have an ipad,you can use this app with a group of children ask them to say(in English) what colours you should use to paint the butterfly.Pictures are saved so you could also talk about the colours usedfor butterflies that you and the children have created. 4 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 5. 1. Learn words for coloursThe colour monster is hungry andwants fruit of a particular colour.Children select the right colouredfruit, and drag it to feed the monster.The app is also available in German,Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese,Swedish, Russian, Japanese andChinese, so it would be a useful appto use to compare the words forApp: Colour Monster colours in different languages.Platform: iOSCost: 1.49/$1.995 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 6. 2. Learn to spell colour wordsApp: Word CarrotPlatform: iOSCost: FreeWord Carrot helps young learners of any age practise words for 10 colours,in particular how to spell them. Learners see a colour, hear the word, andthen touch the right letters to spell it. Basic words are free, and there is noadvertising. Teachers could use the app with an ipad connected to an IWB,or recommend it to parents for outside-school practice. Here is a worksheetthat you can download to use in or outside the classroom to practisecolours:Colours Worksheet UK versionColors Worksheet US version 6 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 7. 3. Make a colour collageThis is an idea for older learners who might have their own mobile phones anddevices. Individually, or in pairs or groups, ask learners to choose a colour. Give themsome time either in class or outside class to take photos of objects of that colour.Learners then choose 4 or 5 of the best photos, and arrange them as a colour collageas in this example.This was made with Photo Wall Lite, a freeeasy-to-use app that allows users to makecollages with as many pictures as they like, andto add text too. Text could be simple words(purple), the names of the objects, or longerdescriptions depending on the age and level ofthe learners. Collages can be stored and saved.There are several collage apps on the market both free and paid-for. Its probably best todownload a few and see which you like best. 7 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 8. 3. Make a colour collageHere are two suggestions for apps that you can use to make colour collages:App: Photo Wall LitePlatform: iOSCost: FreeApp: Photo GridPlatform: AndroidCost: Free8 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 9. 4. Learn about mixing coloursHere are two apps that will help children learn about mixing colours whichcan be very useful when you are working in a classroom with no artfacilities. If you have a tablet/IWB with a group of children, ask them toguess which colours will be made (eg by mixing blue and yellow), and thenget them to see if they are right. Children can also learn about shades what happens if they mix more blue, or more yellow? These apps are greatfor cross-curricular activities.App: Colour Mix HDPlatform: iOSCost: 1.49/$1.99App: Color Me Mix HD! For kidsPlatform: AndroidCost: Free9 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead 10. 5. Draw and recordApp: Doodlecast for KidsPlatform: iOSCost: 1.49/$1.99There are many drawing apps on the market, but this one allows the user torecord their voice as they draw. Once finished, you can play back thedrawing and sound file, and share the video too. This app could be a greatway for young learners to practise words for colours in context (This is a biggreen tree) as they describe what they are drawing. Or you could use theplayback facility in your lessons learners could listen to a description(without seeing the picture) and draw as they listen.Do you have any more ideas? Share them at:http://wordcarrot.com/5-ideas-for-teaching-colours-using-apps-and-mobile-devices/10 Copyright 2011, LearnAhead </p>