5 simple blackboard tips and tricks

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  • 1. 5 Simple Blackboard Tips and Tricks

2. Pasting from Word not as straightforward as you think 3. Option #1 Make your Word document an attachment 4. Screen shot Click on the Paperclip iconto add your attachmentwithin the item-OR- Click on Browseinstead to attach your document above the item 5. Option #2 Copy from Word 6. into Notepad 7. Copy from Notepadinto Blackboard 8. Copy from Notepad Copy from Word into Notepadinto Blackboard 9. Start Accessories Notepad 10. Assignment Feature 11. Collecting Threads 1. Open Discussion Forum 2. On the right side of the screen,click Show Options 3. Click with the mouse the boxesof the threads you want to open at once 4. Click the Collect Button 12. Embedding Video 1. Go to youtube.com and copy theEmbed Code of the video you want to embed 2. Log into Blackboard and add an itemin one of the content areas 3. Click the button on the toolbox editor 4. Paste the Embed Code of the youtube video 5. Click the button to toggle back to the visualeditor 13. Course Copy and Archive Course 14. blackboard@fordham.eduftc@fordham.edu RH (718) 817-2289 LC (212) 636-7788 2010 Fordham University icons via Iconspedia.com Created by Kristen A. Treglia