5 Ways to Increase Holiday Sales - 10/12/16

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com5 WAYS TO INCREASE HOLIDAY SALESMillennium Systems International</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comTanya ReeceYOUR PRESENTER</p> <p>Learning SpecialistMillennium Systems International</p> <p>Tanya Reece has a background in salon and spa management. Prior to becoming a member of the Education Department here at Millennium, she was a member of the Business Support team. As a Learning Specialist, she is responsible for the internal and external education of the company. </p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comGOTOWEBINAR OVERVIEWAll attendees are muted upon entry to the webinarThe webinar is in listen only mode for attendeesIf you have questions for the presenter(s) or host, please enter them into the Questions box in the panel on the right hand side of your screenAt the end of this webinar, please take some time to fill out the brief survey that will be sent to you via e-mail</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comTopics Covered ServicesProductsMarketingMaking Sales 24/7Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, Add-OnThe Follow-ThroughHelpful Hints</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comCUSTOMIZE SERVICES &amp; PRICINGCreate Holiday CouponsBlack Friday SpecialCreate Holiday Package/SeriesDay of Spa La La La, Holiday Signature PackageCreate Holiday Specific ServicesHoliday Spice Pedicure, Candy Cane Body Scrub1</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comORGANIZE PRODUCTS &amp; CREATE PACKAGESEnsure all discontinued products are marked as suchDetermine slow-moving inventory &amp; create multi-product packageMark products on sale in advance (Black Friday)Offer VIP clients special preview parties2</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comMARKET, MARKET, MARKET</p> <p>Gift Certificates (Spend $100, Get $20 Free!)Memberships (3 Month Memberships Make Great Gifts!)Create your own basket (And Wrap It!)Top Spenders Pre-Buy (Exclusive Event)Client Specific MarketingPoints and Rewards3</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comMAKE YOUR BUSINESS AVAILABLE 24/7Online Gift Certificate SalesOnline Booking4</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comSTATISTICS</p> <p>4Online Gift Certificate Sales are Growing by 29% Per YearThe Average Amount Loaded on to an Online Gift Certificate is around 10-15% more than a Plastic One45% of Gift Card Recipients Spend 60% MORE than the Value of their Gift Card28% of People Book Services Online Outside of Working Hours</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comHAVE YOUR SOFTWARE MAKE EXTRA MONEY FOR YOU!Up-Sell (60 Minute Massage -&gt; 90 Minute)Cross-Sell (Add Manicure to Pedicure)Add-On (Add Conditioning Treatment With Wash)5</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comTHE FOLLOW-THROUGHCoupon usage report (DN010)Packages purchased report (MR125)Gift certificates purchased report (MR055)Liabilities Summary (MR129)Plan for January Promotions to Get Clients with Gift Cards/Packages In</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comHELPFUL TIPS -&gt; START NOW!Check Stock (Gift Cards, Holders, Baskets, Etc)Holiday Advertising (Educate Staff)Create Holiday Baskets</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comHELPFUL TIPS -&gt; MOTIVATE STAFF NOW!ContestsSells the most retail/holiday kitsSet Goals Person with the most sales over goals winsDistributors may help with incentives One company gave up to $1,500 in incentives</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.comCONTACT USFor Information about Millennium or Meevosales@millenniumsi.com</p> <p>For questions about todays presentationeducation@millenniumsi.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p> <p>millenniumspasalon.com | meevo.com</p>