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  • 1. 6 Writing Traits Rubric 5 3/4 1/2IdeasWriting is clear, focused, and well developed withSolid beginning. It is easy to see where the piece is Sketch, loosely focused information forces reader to many intriguing details.headed. Expansion would be helpful. make inferences. Readers notice: mainThe writer is selective, chooses detailsGlobal information provides bigTopic or central idea may bethat keep readers reading picture; reader longs for specificsundefined or unclearthemeTopic/story is narrow, focused, and Intriguing details blend with common Topic too big so hard for writer to details manageableknowledge or generalitiesfocus or say anything meaningfulDetails work together to clarify andGreater focus might help narrow or The writer does not know enoughexpand main ideashape topicabout topicWriters knowledge, experience, insight,Too sketchy or repetitiveWriting fills space, but lacks substanceand perspective lend authenticityNo MAIN idea pops outAmount of detail is just rightOrganization The order, presentation, and structure of the piece are The order lets readers move through the textIdeas seem loosely or randomly strung together, compelling and guide the reader purposefully throughwithout undue confusion.creating confusion. Readers notice: structurethe text. Key ideas can be identifiedWriting lacks a sense of direction and leadMain idea takes center stage Order predictablebalance; hard to followStructure showcases but does not Lead/conclusion present but could be Structure is missing or is formulaic itintroductiondominateoverpowers ideas more inviting/satisfying conclusionInviting lead; satisfying conclusion thatReader feels an urge to reorder or Coherence lacking: No lead to set the transitions prompts thoughtdelete some informationwriting up or conclusion for closure pacingTransitions smooth, helpful, and natural Transitions are present they may Transitions missing or unclear; reader seem formulaic must build bridges The reader sometimes wants to speed ahead or reread to reflectVoiceWriters passion for the topic drives the writing.Writer communicates in a sincere, functionalWriter seems distanced from the audience, topic, Writer anticipates audience interests and manner, but writing has lively moments. or both. passioninformational needs with just right Tone and flavor acceptable This writers individual spirit is hiding tone and flavor Writer experimenting with voicebehind an anybody voice audience Text bears clear imprint of this writerRare moments of liveliness or Promising words and/or phrases catch Readers want to share text aloudreaders attention individuality Informational text is lively and engaging;Writer reaches out to audience Text not yet asking to be shared aloud narrative text is moving and honest occasionally Voice comes and goes with writers engagement with topic Reader wants to share brief passages aloudWord Meaning enhanced and picture painted in readersLanguage is functional. The writer struggles to get the right words onChoice mind. Memorable phrases mixed withpaper, so his or her writing contains: Phrasing original even memorableover/underdone passages Incorrect usage or vague words Lively verbsPromising words or phrases catchFew strong verbs preciseModifiers effective readers attentionInflated language vividRepetition for effect Strong verbs used on occasion Repetitive, vague, or distracting words naturalLanguage never overdone Writing does not speak to readerSentence Easy flow and sentence sense make the text a delightText bumps along with a steady beat. It is fairly An interpretive reading of this text takes a lot ofFluencyto read aloud.readable with practice. practice. Readers notice:Sentences well craftedShows some variety in sentence length Repetitive or choppy sentencesVariety in sentence length and structureand structure Run-on sentences flowFragments or repetition add style and Graceful, natural phrasing mixes with Reader must reread or fill in words to variety punch; dialogue is natural and effectivemechanical structurecreate meaningsentence Many similar patterns and beginningsdisjointed/rambling/confusingsense Fragments or repetition are not alwaysFragments or repetition seemeffective; dialogue does not always accidental; dialogue forced or hard toecho real speechpick outConvention Writer shows excellent control over a wide range of The writer shows reasonable control over widely The writer demonstrates limited control oversconventions, and uses them to enhance voice and used, grade-appropriate conventions.widely used conventions. Readers notice: meaning. Writer handles some conventions wellFrequent errors distract reader age Errors so few, the writing is easy to Noticeable errors do not interfere with Text does not appear editedprocess understanding Reader is slowed as she or he mustappropriateOnly light editing needed for publication Text lightly edited; reader mustdecode or mentally edit enhance Layout showcases the writers message mentally edit occasionallyLayout is distractingvoice & Layout is adequatemeaningCategorizedCommentsCategorized&5 Comments = 5 pointsYes = 2 pointsComments 1 point off for missing comments No = 0 Points TOTAL: ______/37


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