7 Ways Sports Teams Win With Sports Analytics

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7 Ways Sports Teams Win With Analytics

The Path to Victory Starts with Data2ScoutingPlayer FitnessPlayer DevelopmentGame-Day StrategyPlayer EvaluationTicketingMerchandisingTheres more to winning than training hard and scoring pointsFrom media contracts to licensing deals, ticketing and merchandising, and even how many beats per minute a players heart pumps on game day, data has essential information for strategic decision making.

Here are seven key ways the global sports industry is maximizing data:

SCOUTINGAny successful pro sports franchise knows that the competition starts with scouting. Its critical for scouts to be able to quickly spot potential value in a sea of prospective players.

Cut performance review times by transforming large volumes of data into interactive visualizations.FPOEvaluate NFL Prospects with Key Metrics

Player comparisons are instantly visible in this dashboard, which showcases top college football prospects at the NFL Combine. Scouts can compare current and past recruits power and speed.

Coaches can:Sort by position and year to see additional stats Explore the rankings of all attendees on a chosen metricMake decisions 10-100 times faster than with old-school business intelligence.

PLAYER FITNESSNeed to know who to bench and who play? How valuable is each player at any given time? Who performs better under stress, or in the 18th minute of the game?

Tracking player status, training, improvements, and game-day performance is all possible with data. FPOSeattle Sounders Improve Player Fitness with Wearable Technology

With wearable technology, the Seattle Sounders track players every move. From sleep patterns to GPS positioning on the field, data is used to minimize injury and optimize performance in the grueling 90-plus-minute matches. With this data, coaches can:Personalize practice schedules, down to the drill, to target each players stamina and speed Identify which activities exhaust players to help keep teams fresh for the entire period of playUnderstand habitual behaviors, which can then be used to predict reaction time

PLAYER DEVELOPMENTOn-field wins often translates into a teams financial success, so developing talent and adding new players adds obvious value to a club. Teams gather huge amounts of data on players to track multiple metrics such as training intensity, game performance, recovery time, and injuries.

Whole-team intelligence is important too. How are players working together? Are there patterns of play? Do various actions on the field make a difference in the final score?

Visualizing this data allows tech-averse coaches to interpret immediate needs at a glance.FPOLiverpool Analyzes Data on In-Game Actions

The Liverpool Football Club leverages data to improve game performance. This dashboard visualizes a critical metric: the difference between winning and losing. Hovering over the scatterplot, coaches see how different in-game actions affected game outcomes.

GAME-DAY STRATEGYData visualizations dont just capture what happened in last weeks game; they can provide insight while the ball is still in play.

Dashboards help coaches predict outcomes with what-if scenarios by combining live data with historical data.

Should a team go for a touchdown on the fourth down? What usually happens in each scenario? Dashboards with historical data can give coaches a way to make game-winning decisions in light of past outcomes. FPO4th Down Decision Making

This dashboard makes use of historical data for tough calls.

Coaches can:Change the parameter to specify quarter, yards to go, or position on the field. Drill down by choosing the team to control and situation to evaluate.

PLAYER EVALUATION Visual dashboards are a powerful tool for accurate individual player evaluation. How is a player performing relative to last year? Last week?

Last game? Are trends emerging in an athletes play that need be addressed?

This data-driven evaluation clues coaches into whos likely to play well and who may be heading for a slump. Coaches can adjust game-day lineups accordingly. FPONew York Mets Evaluate Player Performance

This dashboard is an individual performance evaluation for the New York Mets first baseman, Ike Davis. Hovering on the data points shows Daviss relative success in 2010 vs. 2011.

TICKETINGProfessional sports teams depend on ticket sales for their financial health. Its not always about people in seats; decision-makers need a 360-degree view of fan behavior, from the initial ticket purchase all the way through the final point on the board. FPOThe Texas Rangers Make Real-Time Staffing Decisions

Nothing spoils a day at the ballpark like rainfor fans and for the team. Rain sops revenue.

Because the Texas Rangers front office monitors ticket data in real-time, they can see down to the minute when rain delays stall ticket sales. With this need-to-know info, staffing managers can decided to close 75% of their windows to cut costs: a bright spot for the team on a loser weather day.

MERCHANDISNG The home-team hat and jersey, beer, and bobble headswhat are people buying once they're inside?

With merchandising and retail data visualizations, retailers can adjust inventory on the fly when specific item revenue starts to dip.

Merchandise sales also reveal where a teams fans live. Data can help identify new areas of the country, or the world, to concentrate sales efforts. FPOCowboys Find Far-Away Fans

Who knew New York was Cowboy country?

This dashboard shows where Cowboys are selling merchandise in the U.S. By knowing fan geography, Cowboys retailers can push advertising and marketing dollars in those areas. Tableau offers a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence for sports analytics that will allow you to quickly connect to, visualize, and share data dashboards with a seamless experience from the PC to the iPad.

Tableau solutions generate fast, visual, easy-to-use self-service visualizations with no programming skills required. See how Tableau can help your sports organization by downloading the free trial at www.tableau.com/trial.

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