7 Ways To Motivate Your Team

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7 simple ways you can motivate your team with little or no budget.


  • 1. 7 Keys To Rewarding Your Team Reward People Differently. Just as performance differs between team members, so should the rewards you use. Reward the behavior you want to see! A smile, a thank you or a well-deserved Great Job! go a long way in keeping motivation high. Have Fun! Enjoying what you do is a reward that goes far beyond the bottom line. 85% of Fortune 100 companies concern themselves with making sure that employees have fun and enjoy what they do. It boosts loyalty, retention, and productivity! Ignoring It Doesnt Make It Go Away. Dealing with a carrier? That person that carries their negativity around like a disease and tries to infect the entire workplace? Emotions are contagious and that negativity can quickly spread through an entire department. Dont ignore it, address it talk with your team member about what is going on and what you can do to help. Be Concise on What Warrants Rewards. Lets face it, clarity motivates! Team member empowerment and freedom come from knowing what needs to be done and what they get as a result. Dont keep rewards a secret and let people know the WIIFM (Whats In It For Me). Be a Coach, Not a Critic. No team member finds the act of failing rewarding. Walk along side team members help them along. Team loyalty and mutual respect emerge from a collective effort. Root for the home team and WIN! Build Them Up Publicly. Work to find people doing things right and let everyone know about it! Yell it from the rooftops! Youll be surprised how it motivates the whole team! Conversely, negative publicity should never be given in front of ANYONE - it impacts the overall work atmosphere and all team members end up getting punished. Be Fair. No team member should ever feel like doing a good job on your team is like peeing his or her pants in a dark suit (it gives them a warm feeling but no one notices). Keep the balance of rewards in check with open communication and an atmosphere of collaboration. LEAD BETTER, GET MORE DONE AND LEAVE A LEGACY! UnconventionalLeader SPEAKING - TRAINING - COACHING www.unconventionalleader.com 262-960-2034 Chip@unconventionalleader.com 2013 UnconventionalLeader