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  • 1. Firstly I feel that my storyline is realistic a romance music video. I have tried to portray different emotions so that the audience feel on edge due to the argument, I feel this attracts my audience as it leaves questions to be answers to whether the couple will make up or break up. I have used the codes and conventions of for a indie pop music video by having a break up, this is because indie pop music videos usually have a narrative to them. After looking at other Two Door Cinema Club music videos I decided that I should have a story to my music video, therefore I decided to have the story of a couple arguing, almost breaking up, and then their relationship slowly getting better. I have used the theorist of such as Andrew Goodwin and Rick Altman to inspire me with my music video. This makes the audience wondering what is going to happen next

2. I have used the star persona and voyeuristic image in both my music video and my digipak and magazine advertisement like other indie pop artist such as Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran. I felt as if this is what attracted my audience by having the links between the visuals and the lyrics my audience was able to understand what was going on. Have the artist in the music video walking around playing his guitar at certain times to the lyrics and the couple being unaware of him being there this is what has made my star persona, we know he is the artist. The audience is attracted to him, females will stereotypically fancy him and male stereotypically want to be like him, for example they want his clothing and hair style. 3. I have used semantic and syntactic element in my music video, this helps my audience identify the genre and understand what is going on. For example: The semantic elements is the relationship breaking up, as it is an emotional conflict. The syntactic element in my music video is having the audience identify the genre though the theme and plot, for example narrative and performance is almost always include together in indie pop music videos and I have successfully achieved this. Syntactic Acting, themes and plots Semantic The man (singer) wanting to act and look like him Looking at the image above you can tell it is from a indie pop genre due to the location, toning of the image and by the singer holding the guitar, this is a syntactic element 4. Firstly I Learnt how improve my use of blogger from AS media, i learnt how to post my ideas through posts in a unique way such as using tables and scanning in mind maps etc so that I showed the biggest amount of information I could in note form, I found that it was more interesting posting my information in note form rather tan lists after lists as it made what I was researching and planning more interesting as it got straight to the point. Using blogger is very easy as i could post videos and pictures onto my work straight away, this is a quick and easy process which saved me a lot of time. Being able to use the blogger i could use different sites to post things on my blog. I used YouTube to upload videos to analyse, I also used YouTube to post my own videos, which was very helpful. I used SlideShare to upload PowerPoint's to my blog, this was to give my blog a different way of presenting my work instead of text after text I used slide share for posting information about theorist. I tried something new for my audience feedback, I used a website called survey monkey to create questionnaire, this really helped me as I could post it onto social networking sites such as facebook and twitter and I would get people completing my questionnaire from all different ages and backgrounds. This helped me identify my audience and it also help me think of ideas and improvements for my music video. Different, yet interesting layout on blog using Slide Share and YouTube 5. When filming my video I used a FujiFilm camera, which was my own therefore I had the benefit of already knowing how to use it. I felt this was a really good camera to film on as you could film in HD making my video look more professional. Although in some scenes the camera does go blurry sometimes. This is something i did not mind as I filmed all my scene with a handheld camera this was because I wanted my music video to be voyeuristic (inspired by Andrew Goodwin's theory), as I wanted the audience to feel as if they were in the video, I really enjoyed filming handheld as it was something I had never done before and I was really used to using a tripod, however filming hand held was easier as it was quick and easy and also I felt it was easier to edit on imovie to the beat of the song. When editing my film, i used iMovie on the apple imacs. Although i had used this software before for my GCSE media and I AS media, I have improved by using transitions and filters for example I changed my scenes to a aged affect for the day time shots and for the night time scenes I changed the clips to black and white. This helped the audience understand the different time of day. Non Hd and Hd 6. I have aimed my product at the target audience of 16-21 year olds both female and male. This is because it was mostly 16-21 year olds that answered my questionnaire with the results of liking alternative/indie music, as you can see below. 7. My media product is representing an ordinary couple life, with a break up and make up. The characters are the stereotypically couple living together and getting fed up of each other. I have tried to make my music video look as realistic yet professional as possible by having my characters dress in ordinary clothing for inside, outside and night-time. I have dressed them in clothing that stereotypically the youth of today would wear. Although I have had the singer dressed in smart casual as he is the eye-candy for the female audience and they stereotypically find smart clothes attractive on boys, therefore my male audience will want to wear this. Clothing is an important factor as it attracts the audience. 8. My locations are set in places that my audience would go to, for example I have used a house and a park. Teenager go to park to chill and hang out and I feel as if my audience can relate to the location of the house scenes as stereotypically the youth argue a lot in their household as it can be quite a stressful environment at times . The couple are at their lowest when they are inside the house. I feel as if this is one of the best scenes in the music video as it shows a lot about social groups. It shows how people get over emotions in different ways, this is how the audience can attract to the product. 9. Distributing companies promote the film or media product and allow it to be reached by the largest target audience achievable. Glassnote Records is a record label that was launched by American music executive, Daniel Glass, in 2007. The label primarily has a lineup of inde rock and alternative rock artists. The label's music is distributed by universal music groups. For my product distribution I think that Glassnote Records would distribute my product as they are the record label that distribute Two Door Cinema Clubs music. They have also distributed music for Mumford and Sons who are very similar artist that create productions like what I have created. Glassnote records distribute to both American and British audiences and I feel as if my music video would appeal to both of them. My genre also fits perfectly into their distribution line up. List of releases from Glassnote 10. In my music video I attracted the audience by choosing location that particular social groups can relate too, I have also kept the same colour scheme and costumes throughout all my products, therefore when the audience see one product they will automatically think of the other products. I have also attracted my audience by having a young attractive female (Laura Mulvey theory), and two young attractive males. This gives my audience characters that they stereotypically fancy. I have also dressed my characters in clothing that my audience would also wear, this helps them relate to the characters, making them more interested in the products. I also attracted my audience by sending out questionnaires to see what people would like to see in my music video. Doing questionnaires I was able to see what people found interesting. This is what lead me to do a narrative and performance music video with a love story and break up. 11. You can see a clear link between all three products, therefore my audience will notice this too. 12. This is my final magazine advertisement, I have kept to the same colour scheme of my digipak and I have also used the same front. My model/actor is also wearing the same clothes as he is in my music video and the digipak. I think I have been very successful with linking the three products together. Overall I am happy with this. I have used all the codes and convention of a magazine advertisement. This attracts my audience as it is almost like my singer is looking into the future therefore my audience want to find out more about two door cinema club and their products. 13. I feel like I have made this has professional and as realistic as possible, as for example I have the band title, the album title, the track list, the record label label (which I did not create I cannot take any credit of this being mine) and a bar code. The thing I like the best about this digipak is the fact the I have the writing aliened so that it fits in with the image. Overall I feel happy with this. The black and white give the digipak a professional touch to it, it also attracts the audience by having my singer in the middle therefore he is the first thing they look at. 14. First of all it was hard coming up with an idea, at the very beginning I wanted a band playing, but this was hard to achieve as it was hard to find people willing to be in my music video, therefore I started to mind map ideas. 15