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  • 1. Evaluation
    By Perry Orsini

2. Forms & Conventions
Whilst looking at different forms and conventions, I was also able to look at the MIGRAINmodel and its development and use in different institutions.
Media: Font, Layout, Headlines, Mastheads and Pictures.
Institution: Who Produces Paper
Genre: Entertainment, Local, Teen Stories
Representation: Age, Gender
Audience: Teenagers aged between 13-17
Ideology: Local Community
Narrative: Local News/ Teen News
I began my project by looking at different newspapers and how they set out their newspaper and aim it at their audience.
I looked at lots of different types of newspapers and was then able to compare them all. I was able to gain different ideas for my project enabling me to develop how I wanted my project to look and include.
I also looked at the significance of posters and how posters draw together their audience and product.
I also noticed how newspapers use other media to target their audience and the importance of the internet. A conglomerate company like News Corporation Group, who own The Sun is able to target their different audiences in different ways, drawing in new audiences that they may not have had before.
After looking at newspapers I noticed how the title of the paper was most often on the top left hand side of the paper.
I also saw how the paper was divided into different sections; for example the main headline would take up the majority of the page and more often than not placed in the middle. Other stories would then be placed around it.
When looking at a specific company I noticed that logos were a heavy feature in the use. For example The Sun uses its headline in all its products; in its newspaper, any posters and of course its website.
I also looked at the fonts, layouts, headlines and pictures and their importance in newspapers. I analysed how they made their product look in accordance with their audience. I was also able to notice the difference between papers for example a tabloid paper and the use of design and a Broadsheet newspaper.
When looking at posters I noticed how all posters make connections with their stores and the importance of companies and their products. The poster draws together the company and the product bringing everything together.
I also noticed the use of adverts in the different media. They are a source of money for the company I therefore created some adverts myself. I also looked at the ASA going along with their guidelines; as this is something which other papers have to abide by.
When looking at posters, I realised that a similar code that most used was a large picture that was usually situated in the middle.
I developed my fonts and pictures so that they would stand out. Instead of my newspapers conforming with other newspapers, I added colour so that it would stand out and appeal to my teenage audience.
I looked at the satirical form of newspapers. This helped me to challenge the image of my newspaper and develop my direction of my newspaper.
From this I was able to see how the newspaper as a form can be seen as old and out dated. By looking at this site I was able to see that I could move away from this old view; creating something new and exciting by moving away from old forms and conventions.
I wanted to examine the forms of websites and realised that many websites are different in their layout and form. Where as a more local paper have lots of different adverts a larger company like The Sun may only have a couple more; instead they stick to promoting themselves more and their stories and their newspaper as it is available throughout the country whereas a smaller paper is not.
6. Developing forms & Conventions
I wanted to include lots of different media in my project. For my website I included a video advert for my paper. I did this in order to please my young target audience, who I thought would like to use different types of media technology as many young people are very media aware and I wanted to adapt with my audience.
Although my picture features the product the main picture is actually of my audience. This is different to many other posters as the main picture usually features the product as the main picture.
I developed my newspaper from others in the market as my target audience would not read the same products as what is on the market. I therefore changed specific parts for example instead of having my article with black writing in the usual times roman writing I changed the font and colour so it would attract people to the paper.
8. My Media product forms & conventions
10. Development from preliminary
11. Main product & ancillary texts
12. Main product & ANCILLARY TEXTS
I have created a newspaper front page and second page, along with a poster and a website with three hyperlinked pages.
I think this works well as the poster attracts different groups, although in many ways I do feel that if I created a radio advert; it may have been better as it would have attracted more of my audience who are between 13-17, as lots of radios can directly attract people of certain age groups. For example Kiss 100 has a majority of young listeners.
My Product has a similar tone throughout. My Logo on the page links my products together and is a dominant feature throughought.
The name of my company is very important as it highlights to the public a certain image. The name teen.choice evokes certain ideologies with different people. The name also relates with teenagers aiming it solely at them. The name is linked throughout, highlighting my main product.
My Website promotes my Product, as I have made a movie advert, which highlights why teenagers read my newspaper; it connects the products together; hopefully making the user intrigued to buy the product.
13. Main product & ancillary texts
Here is my main product along with my ancillary products. It consists of a front page and second page of a local newspaper along with three hyperlinked pages of my website and my poster.
14. Main product & ancillary texts
15. Audience feedback
I created a questionnaire at first to get the information of what my local newspaper should be like and what it should include.
After creating the product I went back to another target audience of 10 boys and 10 girls to see what they thought of the product.
The results (of which all the participants were between the ages of 13-17 My target age group) showed me that a teen newspaper could be profitable as their is a niche in the market for my product. Many of the teens which I questioned said that they would read the paper with their friends.
My results also showed a divide between the boys and the girls. Most boys said that they would use the internet rather than read the paper.
All of the teenagers agreed that they would probably use the website as they use the internet usually everyday anyway, to use programmes such as face book or msn.
16. What I have learnt
I have learnt many different things over the course of the year. Not only have I used many different programmes; like Photoshop and movie maker but I have also expanded my knowledge on other programmes which I used last year.
Created on Photoshop
I have learnt lots about different ideologies and a lot about an industry. I have seen how lots of different types of media are needed for a product.
For example my newspaper needed a poster to promote the product, it gets the audiences attention, trying to persuade them to buy it. Also I have learnt that a website is important as the web is accessible to most people. Although someone may not own a PC, the internet is accessible anywhere these days, for example on mobiles, librarys e.t.c
I have noticed that the form and style of a newspaper is very important as it grabs the audiences attention. What may be stylish for one person may not be for another.
I did have problems with my project which I had to overcome too. For example my poster picture had to be changed three times because it did not represent my audience. My first poster picture was not diverse enough and my second picture only included girls, this excluded half of my target audience. I learnt that representation is a key part of promotion with products.
17. Using new media in construction & research
I used movie maker for my internet as I wanted to include lots of type of media mediums. I wanted my audience to have a wide variety of media, therefore I thought that a moving image may attract them and draw them in.
I used Photoshop which I had not used last year. Although I found it hard to begin with as time went on, I began to develop my skills. This was a big leap for me as in my preliminar