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  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How effective is the combination of you main product and your ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Ancillary Task For our coursework we had to complete a poster and a film review as well as our main product which was to create a short film that lasted 5 minute We further understood the codes and conventions of our genre when creating our film poster
  3. 3. Main objective of the Ancillary Task? The main objective of the ancillary task was to promote our film. Also it was to sell the product and encourage our audience to watch the film. It also attracts the target audience and gives a taster of the film.
  4. 4. How does the poster reflect the genre? I used my Colour scheme to reflect on my chosen genre of Romance by using the colour pink and white. Both pink and white are light and pure colours that can also be seen to show more of a feminine side. I used both images of the actor and actress giving a taster of what the audience will see in the film. These images also grabs the audiences attention. The Do All Good Things Come To An End? tagline connects the audience to the storyline and also makes the audience think due it being an question. I also used an image of Anna sending Tom a text saying i miss you as it makes the audience have an insight to what happens in the film but also it reflects the genre and it shows the romance and love between both actors.
  5. 5. Photos used in the poster I used these images as I thought they were the most appropriate images to reflect the genre but also the best images to grab the audiences attention. They all clearly show the storyline of the film and the love between the couple.
  6. 6. How does the film review reflect the genre? The quote makes the audience know the storyline will be about love and finding love which then clearly reflects the genre of Romance I remained with the colour scheme of pink and white as I thought it clearly reflected my chosen genre as it has a sweet and calm feeling to the audience.
  7. 7. Use Of Font On Film Review For my film review i used two colours;. black and pink. Black is one of the typical colours used as it stands out and is easy to read than other colours. I also used the colour Pink so the film review is clearly showing the genre of romance and love. I used a simple font on my film review as I thought it would make the review look more clear and decent to read. This font also gives a more sense of professionalism .
  8. 8. Photo used in the review I chose this image as i thought it created a sort of enigma to who the characters where as the picture has there backs to the audience. Also it shows the romance and love as the couple are there together looking at he the beautiful scenery of the London bridge.
  9. 9. Poster Influence This was my main influence in creating my poster as I used the layout as my template but changing it using images and colour to make it reflect to my chosen genre of Romance.
  10. 10. Film Review Influence I used this film review that was made by another student as my template of creating my film review as I wanted to create a one page layout that two. Also I thought it looked like the best layout to my film and its genre.
  11. 11. Overall, I believe both my ancillary tasks were successful in combined with my final product as the ancillary tasks did there job of promoting the film. I personally think the colour scheme in the ancillary tasks helped convey the code and conventions to my target audience thus making them interested in the film. My work has become more effective and original. Summary