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  • 1. A2 Music Video Project Take Me To The Hospital
    By Alex Roberts

2. Questionnaire
Your Age:
1. In a music video what kind of genre would you prefer?
2. Would you prefer to see the band performing or would you prefer to see the video as a narrative.

3. Would you prefer to see a violent video or a video with no violence?

4. Would you like to see the use of props in the video?

5. What attracts you to a music video?

6. What do you think makes a music video interesting?

7. What age group do you think would be attracted to a violent music video?

3. CD Cover Analysis
4. CD Cover Analysis
5. CD Cover Analysis
6. CD Cover Analysis
7. Video Analysis
8. This video is set as a Performance video which features the band. This video is book ended with the shot of them sitting on the sofa as shown below. This could represent the band and what they do in their life with the band, it could show that they dont really do much when they arent making music or performing.
Ok Go Video Analysis
This video is conceptual in the way that when the lyrics say something a picture then pops up showing the audience what the lyrics are saying, for example, in the second verse it says slipping change from the till and whilst that was being said by the lead singer a picture, (shown to the left) of an old fashioned till popped up.
9. Ok Go Video Analysis
The idea behind having all of these pictures pop up is mainly to portray the humour of the band and maintain quite a comical effect throughout the video. This is very important because it keeps the audience interested and it would make them want keep watching.
This is also a very random video, this is because some pictures that pop up dont really go with what the lyrics are saying. This is also shown by the fact that before the bridge of the song there is a short clip of the band mates playing a game of ping pong. This shows the comic side of the band very well and also helps to bring an anti-climax ready for the climax of the song.
10. Foo Fighters Video Analysis
In the video D.O.A by the Foo Fighters there are quite a lot of connotations. For example at the beginning the train that goes past would be representing life as it goes on its journey. The train and everything on the train is in black and white, this might be representing the fact that life can be very boring at times.
As the world is spinning in video this could be showing how as time goes on the world is gradually spinning out of control and no one can do anything about it. The lyrics also show that everyone dies eventually they show this by saying, its a shame we have to die my dear, no ones getting out of here alive.
11. Foo Fighters Video Analysis
As the song progresses it gradually gets faster and more up tempo, this is shown in the video as the camera shots get faster and as the spinning gets faster. In the video the band are surrounded with coloured lights this might show that they know how to live life and they are living it to the full whereas the other people are not living life as much as them.
In the video there is a lot of overview shots to show what is going on in a certain part of the video. These are very effective because they show what is going on. There is also a lot of close up shots of each band member.
12. DIGI Pack Production Process
13. Research on DIGI Pack
A DIGI Pack is basically the case for a CD. A DIGI Pack had got to be eye catching and must relate to the band and their music.
A DIGI Pack can be made out of various materials such as Card or thick glossy paper. DIGI Packs can range between having either four, six, eight or ten different panels when it is opened up.
In order for us to create a decent DIGI Pack we needed to d some original research. The main things we had to research for our DIGI Pack are as follows:

  • Font Styles

14. Logos 15. Layout 16. Images that we could use