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Sense of Place, Performance Art, & Pedestrian Malls: A Case Study of Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA & its Street Performers

Kalli Fullerton 1

July 2010 ruling, The Parks Department prohibits them from collecting money within 50 feet of a monument or fountain


6Research Objective redress the lack of scholarly attention by geographers on street performers

by examining them as a form of public expression and art

assess the role they play in creating a distinctive sense of placePublic Art & Sense of Place fountains, murals, sculptures, etc. pauseexperiencesocial contactanchors to place

8Data Collection 100 surveysShopping experience & street performers


Participant observation & Interpretivist ethnography

Basic Survey Findings 50 women and 50 men

53: 18 to 3028: 51 or older 19: 31 to 50

47: Anglo20: Black17: Asian16: Latino

33: > 30 minutes24: 16 - 30 minutes22: 6 - 15 minutes19: only 1 to 5 minutes

11Basic Survey Findings 37% street performers influenced their decision to come to the Promenade68% would choose the Third Street Promenade over other malls because of street performers 97% Street performers enhanced their shopping experience86% Promenade would not be as successful without street performers91% Promenade would be less enjoyable without street performers55% Street performers are a very important aspect of the PromenadeCross TabulationSurvey Question 1: Did you watch any street performers today? Question 2: How much time did you spend watching street performers? Question 3: Did the street performers influence your decision to come to the Promenade? Question 4: Choosing between Third Street Promenade and other malls, will you come back to the Promenade because of street performers? Question 5: Did you have a 'good experience,' today with street performers by watching or participating in their performances?Question 6: Do you consider the street performers an important aspect of the Promenades attraction? Question 7: What type of street performers do you most enjoy? Question 8: Would the Third Street Promenade be less enjoyable without street performers? Question 9: Would the Third Street Promenade be as successful without street performers? Question 10: Was your overall shopping experience on the Promenade today enhanced by the presence of street performers?Question 11: How many times have you visited the Promenade? Question 12: City of residence Question 13: If resident of Southern California how far from the Promenade do you reside? Question 14: Gender Question 15: Ethnicity Question 16: Age Date Weekday or Weekend 114121121222Santa Monica, CA12218/26/20101213111211232Culver City, CA22118/28/20102313111221231San Diego, CA42418/28/20102411222372241Pensilvania52137/21/20101512211111231Organge, CA32228/8/20102613111221231Santa Monica, CA12328/26/20101713111221233El Sagundo, CA22138/16/20101814211221231Chicago, IL52428/8/2010213Gender



Distance From Promenade

Distance From Promenade

Hypothesis Confirmedstreet performers add to the overall sense of place through their music, art, discovery, excitement, venue and culture

street performing may well be an effective means of creating a favorable sense of place that enhances the attractiveness, and hence success, of a mall.

While geographers have examined many beneficial elements in pedestrian malls, there is a paucity of research on performing art as a beneficial element in creating a distinctive sense of place within pedestrian malls.

This study sought to redresses this shortcoming.

Thank You, Questions?Kalli Fullerton, TCU [email protected] 21

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