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Adding Effects Homework

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  • 1. Adding EffectsJames Evans

2. To begin adding an effect, click on theAdd Media at the top of the page toimport a clip to edit. 3. Then select where your clip isoriginated so you can import insuccessfully. Mine is in the Files andFolders area, therefore I will click onthis to find my clip. I then importedmy clips and moved on to the nextstep. 4. To begin editing in guided mode, Youwill have to click Next to switch intoexpert mode. This will change theprogram to look differently. 5. Then you have to apply the editing mask. Right click on thevideo clip, (the area circled here) to bring up another menu.Hover the mouse over Effects Mask and a side menu willcome up. Click Apply. 6. The editing box should appear over theclip. This is where you will resize the boxto cover the area that you would like toedit. I will make the box cover the wholeclip so the editing is clearer. 7. When the area has been selected on thevideo clip, click on the Effects button atthe bottom of the screen. This will bringup a menu where you have to drag theeffect onto the video clip to add it. I willdrag the Extract effect onto my clip. 8. This box will appearasking if you would like toapply the effect to thewhole video. Click No asthis will only add theeffect on the selected clip. 9. The effect has now been added. Use theApplied Effects menu to change the effects tosuit exactly what you need. I have made theimage look like an old age film by changing thecolours to look more realistically black andwhite. 10. To view the clip and effect added,click the Play triangle. This showsthe whole clip in the effect.