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The advert advertisement for Ben Howards album Every Kingdom, contains many typical conventions of a album advertisements. The first thing I noticed was the picture on the advert which is the identical one to the actual album cover. At the top of the advertisement the artists name is in big bold white writing, this makes it eye-catching and draws the audiences attention to the product. Underneath that is the title of his album which is also in the same white font and next to that it says that it is Bens debut album so this tells the consumer that it is the first time he has released an album and that he is an up and coming artist. At the bottom of the advert is all the details for the album, this is a typical advertising device method, as it tells the audience when the album is out to purchase and it tells them that they can pre order it now. The advertisement is very simplistic just like the album cover, but yet it is effective. The basic font represents the artists image as he is a relaxed artist and likes making calming music. The image is very simple but it focuss on image of the artist swimming alone in cosmic open waters. The use of the blue colours of the water also represent the artist and his style. Furthermore, this advert is very meek, featuring only the artist, album, and release date. There is a very strong link between this advert and the album that it is promoting, as the photo used in this advert is the exact photo used on the album cover, and the text is in the exact same font and colour. The advert also adheres very well to the conventions of the acoustic genre, as well as staying true to Ben Howard himself. The colours are soft and gentle, and the advert is not overcrowded, making it feel calm and easy-going.

The advertisement would appear in magazines like the NME as this particular magazine covers a lot of genres and niche audiences. Ben Howard is signed to Communication Records, which are an independent record label who sign a lot of independent artists, who are singer/songwriters. This advert would also appear in smaller independent music magazines who focus on less known acts with a niche audience.

Ben Howard would have a niche audience as his music is not a very mainstream genre, but he would appeal to both genders but mainly to males aged 16 - 24. He appeals to a younger audience as he is only a young man himself and people can relate to him. The majority of his audience would probably be in socialcategoryE as they are most likely to be students.

This advert represents the artist and his image and his style. It is a plainsimplisticdesignwhichrepresentshis genre as he plays cool calm music, it also represents his style as he is a trendy young man who just wears casual clothing but it could also represent his attitude.

Ben Howards album cover features him looking as though he has just dived into the sea or lake of some sort and the camera has captured him as he is just relaxing after entering the water. The image is a beautiful calm image, which reflects his Genre and style of music very well. His Genre is Indie/Folk and this image fits his music perfectly, it gives the sense of relaxation and calmness which reflects the soft sound of his music. The way the light is hitting the water on the picture, hits the bubbles left by Ben as he has hit the water and reflects the light all around the image. It gives a light, bubbly feel to the image which reflects the album and his Star Image, it shows how care free he is, how he relates to the water to express his freedom. The use of the white writing on the blue background gives the pureness that is expressed within his music and star image. He has pushed the boundaries of the usual image found on an album cover. It is unusual for an artist not to show his face clearly on the front of an album cover, but this is Ben Howard featured within this shot. By not showing his face, he yet again is expressing the freedom that he feels, also using the white boarder around the image to keep on reinforce this freedom that his star image represents. This white used is seen as pure and free. This can be seen as imagery for a dove, the white dove represents freedom and can be represented here in this picture featuring lots of white to keep reinforcing his Star image and genre.The image is a fresh look that can be yet again so versatile to any age group or genre, the genre can open up into different genres creating sub genres. The main target audience is attracted to the album by the light blue to dark blue background against the white writing gives the bold yet relaxed appealing note.

The image and font are the same as his album.Promoting his debut album by mentioning that it is his debut album.Informing the audience of extra details like when the album is out is a promoting tactic, to encourage sales.

Album Cover

A typical convention of singer/songwriter album is minimalism. The typography on this advertisement is very minimal and simplistic, a simple bold font and a black and blue colouring used to get the point across. There are no critics or quotes on this advert, therefore is it is up to the audience to decide on their own opinion of the product.

The image in the centre is the main focus of the advert. It is just like the typical conventions of an singer/songwriter music video, the image is very scenic and appealing to the eye. The black and blue colouring of the photograph links well with the font to ensure multi-model continuity and to once again attract the audience. The Every Kingdom advert is very similar to the digipak. Is features the same image of a diver underwater as the background and the text are the same font and colour of text. The text is all in capitals again, both the same as the digipak and what is conventional of this genre.

The artists name is at the top of advert, with album name just beneath. At the bottom of the advert, it gives a release date and tells the viewer that they can pre-order the album.