Altmetrics and other fads

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Supporting Researchers Through the Social and Image CC BY mkhmarketing

Altmetrics and other Fads Helping Researchers Through the Social, Technology and Innovation MazeImage CC BY SA 2.0 Seongbin Im

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different resultImage CC BY thematthewknot

The research process and LIS

Have an ideaSearch for researchFilter and review the researchPublish anddisseminate the researchMeasure anddiscuss the researchLIS Professionals host, catalogue and search published researchLIS Professionals carry out systematic and literature reviews from search resultsLIS Professionals experts in publishing and communication.OA, Social Media, bloggingLIS Professionals experts in measurement,bibliometrics,work in neutral role

Dealing technologiesYou need to understand why you are taking itYou need to understand the benefitsYou need to understand the side-effectsYou need to understand that the benefits may take timeYou may need two coursesYou may need a different intervention*Do not feel pressured to use it - as it wont work

Image CC BY Marfis77 technologists, teachers and lecturers think of the pedagogy when employing new technologies.What do researchers do?

Effort (using)Time(learning)


Image CC BY Glen Edelson Their way of working:long periods doing the same thing

Their concerns:Pressure to publish research

Their fears:May not be used to Social Media or technology

How busy they are

What they can get out of Altmetrics and other technologies

#DemystifyImage CC BY Sarah that Altmetrics are notabout Justin Biebers Tweets to his Beliebers

That using tools like Altmetrics,Mendeley, Twitter and ImpactStorywill show them where their researchis reaching globally

Help build case studies toshow what is out there

Show junior researchers andstudents that their research andprofile will benefit

#TrainImage CC BY Sarah

Image CC BY Michael Young size sessionsWorkshopsVideo tutorialsWebinarsHangoutsMobile App sessions



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