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AMANDA TODD http://24.media.tumblr.com/ tumblr_mbwoikExgh1rairjso1_1280.jpg * 27. November 1996 † 10. Oktober 2012

Amanda Todd

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Face Darkness - a topic of EFL vocab work. See what and especially who it made some pupils think of.

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* 27. November 1996 † 10. Oktober 2012

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Amanda Todd was born on 27 November,1996 in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She died on 10 October 2012.She was a Canadian student who became a victim of cyber mobbing.She changed school, injured herself and made a suicide attempt which failed. When she was 15 years old, she committed suicide. Before she put an end to her life, she released a video about her story, without any spoken words but with showing flashcards with handwritten notes.

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On 7th September, Amanda Todd released a video, in which she referred to these handwritten flashcards. First she had visited video chats to meet some new people. A complete stranger had persuaded her to bare the upper part of her body. Her counterpart recorded a video and later, he began to blackmail her. He claimed more acts by Amanda and threatened to release the video. Later, the police informed Amanda, that her video circulated in cyberspace. Due to the social problems, Amanda and her family moved to another city. About one year later, a fake Facebook profile was constructed, which showed the manufactured photo. Besides, her classmates were invited to view this profile. As a consequence, Amanda changed the school a second time. There she was attacked, insulted , sworn at, beaten up, made responsible herself by girls with their boyfriends. After all these horrible experiences, Amanda made a first suicide attempt. Due to timely medical measure, she survived. When Amanda was dismissed from hospital, the family moved to another city, again. But the bullying in the social networks went on. Amanda´s mental condition declined each along, in spite the revenue from antidepressants. She became addicted to a self-harming behaviour. On 10th October 2012 she committed suicide.

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After Amanda Todd had died the hacker group Anonymous announced that they had to find the blackmailer and then, they published the name, address and a photo of a man from British Columbia. After the high attention aroused by media this man was insulted, harassed and ,threatened to death by online-users. In an interview with CBC news, the man admitted that he had chattetd with Todd, but he denied all involvement. The Canadian Police were warning about too fast conclusions and suspicions. A few days later, it was found out that the one indicated by Anonymous was not the blackmailer and also the address which had been published had no connection to the case.


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After Amanda´s death, the police and Canadian agents had arranged an e-mail address. People could sent the police all information about the case to this address, e.g. about the reason, why Amada had committed suicide and why the photo was released. Within 24 hours 400 mails with details were sent.



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In 2012 the Canadian songwriter Elise Estrada released the single Wonder Woman which was dedicated to Amanda Todd. Two versions of a music video were also filmed. One of these versions used the stylistic means of handwritten notes on which you can see the song lyrics. The other version comprised not only the music but also short video clips and photos of Amanda Todd as well as photos of persons from all over the world who held a flashard that says "Just Like Wonder Woman" towards the camera.



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There is much excitement and outrage in social networks since Amanda Todd committed suicide after years of being the victim of fatal cyber bullying. Police are highly motivated and eager to find the man who had widely spread nude pictures of Amanda on the internet, an action which had ultimately led to the teenager´s suicide. The case has clearly shown the fact that in times of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet one person can make someone else´s life a real hell. Amanda Todd's suicide quickly gained world-wide media attention, particularly through the sharing and dissemination of Amanda´s videos. Within a week of publication, it was viewed 1.6 million times. On 19 October 2012 commemorations in memory of Amanda Todd were held, there were also minutes of silence at many locations, especially in schools. In various speeches personalities such as Magic Johnson, Demi Lovato and the Premier of British Columbia, Christy Clark, reminded of this tragic incident .



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AMANDA TODD TRUSTIn November 2012 Amanda's mother founded the Amanda Todd Trust..

It stands for support, advice and help for young people with mental health problems.


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AMANDA´S MESSAGECan you spare ten minutes? Watch Amanda´s video.

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