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Analysis of Digi-pack of Smoke + Mirrors by Imagine DragonsRachael lau

Imagine Dragons front coverThere font cover is created by manipulating photographs to give it an effect that looks like a painting. The fact that they decided to use a close up shot could allow the viewer to focus towards the centre of the image, emphasising their band name which helps to promote themselves. The font of their band name is simple and recognisable which makes the band memorable and easier to identity. The image of the hand being bound together with some gold fabric. Gold suggests riches and luxury ,it could imply limitation of luxury and physical restraint but the bird has connotations of freedom and endless possibility. This brings a narrative to the cover, it could show that the songs inside the album are all about overcoming limits and expression of freedom. Swallows represent hope and a successful journey.The fact that they chose to use dark colours helps to establish their rock genre so that the viewer would know what songs to expect inside their album. Overall, the imagery on this cover helps to amplify their genre and songs they promote to their target audience which are people who are 20 years old and older.The image used here is taken from the wrist bindings in the front cover, this helps the viewer know that the disc is part of the cover. The fact that the font of the album are in Helvetica font could suggests that they are professional and has continuity.

Back coverThe back cover is plain and simple with the typical conventions of a CD back cover. This helps to enhance the writing on the back cover, allowing the viewer to see the song titles clearly. In addition, the colour scheme matched the front cover and previous albums that they have released, which makes the album consistent with the bands style and iconography.The cross on the back may have connotation of spiritual relations in their song and might connote biblical references in their songs.

Smoke + Mirrors Album back cover Night Visions (2012) album back cover