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Analysis of Magazine CoverResearch

Layout and Image The layout of the magazine has been set out in order to emphasise the image being shown. Although the layout does so, I believe that the layout of the page looks slightly cramped as the text and headings have been pushed to the top of the page. The image used on the cover shows clearly what the magazine is about and what it will feature but is over crowded and busy making it overbearing. The cover couldve been improved by taking an image containing a strong subject to help the magazine stand out and become more eye-catching and appealing to readers.

Fonts and Extra Features The fonts used on the cover are all presented in white making them stand out against the strong background. The header of the magazine is presented in a large and bold font making it not only stand out from the background but the other text seen on the front cover. The large text is also eye-catching, drawing in readers to the magazine as well as fitting in with the shape and subject of the image. Different fonts are used for various different titles upon the cover giving the page variety as well as distinguishing a difference between the many titles and groups of text. A calligraphy style of font has been used as a sub-heading on the page. This style of font gives of a very feminine and encourages the feeling and image of what the title is saying: Sweet Sounds of Summer.