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<p>Analysis of Magazine section 1: Front Cover</p> <p>Analysis of Magazine section 1: Front CoverRyan Quinn</p> <p>Front Cover Photo</p> <p>Aspects</p> <p>Bold Title, with direct meaningDifferent choices of fontCentral/Main ImageSpecific usage of colourTaglineCover linesHeadline</p> <p>Bold TitleThe boldness of the title World Soccer is supposed to attract the attention of the reader, due to the eye-catching associations with football in itself; red and black are two colours which are worn by an array of clubs; AC Milan, Manchester United, Red Star Belgrade, Flamengo etc. The clearness of the font used by WS means easier reading and has influenced my own title greatly. </p> <p>Different Choices of Font Different sizes of font may be used to implicate the significance or overall size of each article; the bigger the font, the more in depth the content of the article is. </p> <p>Specific Uses of ColourThe magazine, World Soccer, deploys a colour scheme. The primary colour of red enables the front cover to maintain a sense of order and consistency, but the reader may find difficulty, therefore adding structure, but simultaneously, the reader may find difficulty in differentiating articles from each other. </p> <p>Cover linesAccording to, Cover lines are short statements found on the cover of the magazine that allude to or describe the articles inside. Their purpose is to entice the reader into picking up and/or buying the magazine. Generally there's one main larger cover line and then a few (or lots of) smaller ones.Cover lines have been deployed effectively by World Soccer Magazine, in order to advertise and expose as many main articles, which may entice the reader further as much as possible.</p> <p>PhotographyThe overall size of the central image suggests that the article is perhaps what should be the primary subject of the issue. It is what the reader may visualise first upon observing the magazine. The use of photographs may enhance the attraction to an article, directly stating what the article could focus on e.g. a photo of Philippe Coutinho would suggest that the article is about Liverpool, without have to think. </p> <p>Tag LineA tagline is a slogan used within the media in order to advertise the product/matter at hand. The tagline used by World Soccer magazine is Global Football since 1960, which results in two implications; the first being that World Soccer focuses on many aspects, emphasised by the term global and secondly, the reference to when the text was first published indicates experience, longevity and quality. </p>