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Before AfterI cropped the image out as I knew that for a CD cover it would have to be a square size fit in order to edit it. Front CoverFeatures(Details)BeforeAfter Description & ExplanationEyebrowsI used the brush tool in order to make the eye brows seem more symmetrical as well as stand out more in a natural way. I had to be careful not to make the inside hairs thick.LipsI made the lips darker which matched to her costume of the checked shirt as well as with the title of the album name. I also made sure that I changed the opacity to a little more than half, so her lips wouldnt look too glossy or like cartoon. Skin Here you can see the difference between the image in terms of her facial flaws, like the small spot on her nose as well as her eye-bags that were airbrushed. It took some time to make it look natural.

This was my first edit for the back cover of my magazine. I liked her posture and the location she was, however after thinking about how I could present my soundtrack and display it on the image, it looked as though I dumped the soundtrack onto the image. It didnt fit in to the image. Due to this, I tried to go with another idea of capturing an image of just the stairs and putting each song on each stair.

However, I thought the framing of the information at the bottom was in a good position. First Back Cover

Before AfterSecond Back CoverFeatures(Details)BeforeAfter Description & ExplanationChange of imageAfter finishing the first image, I tried lining the soundtrack list alongside the artist however it looked odd, so I thought it would look better if I had a separate image of the stairs with each song on each stair (funnily my teacher had the same idea and told me to go with it). It seemed more creative and unique. Stairs

I used the clone stamp tool in order to copy a section of each stair and then cover over of a mark on the stairs in order for the stairs to look clean. It was also to avoid the writing from being hard to see, due to the marks on the stairs from the original image. IconI decided to make my own logo, or lets say make it better by taking an image from online and then adding text to it underneath the image, which made it seem more realistic.

Before AfterInside Panel No.1Features(Details)BeforeAfter Description & ExplanationBoots As an artist, her image is still important no matter how natural of their image is presented. In order to show her stylish shoes and remove the bent lines on her boots, I used the brush tool to airbrush and give polished look. Stairs I airbrushed the stairs in order to remove the marks off and continue the same feature from the back cover. It also brings less attention to the stairs and more to the artist. Face/ SkinHere I have airbrushed her face due to her looking tired. I had also edit the lips in order to make it seem more symmetrical in terms of the light that reflects of her lips. I also made sure that her eyebrows were as the same of the front cover.

Before AfterInside Panel No.2Features(Details)BeforeAfter Description & ExplanationObjects in the backgroundThe boards in the background inside the building looked a little too tacky. Due to this I decided to remove it by using the same shade of green to airbrush it out. Stairs Again I have removed the marks on the stair. I know I needed to continue this throughout all the images of the stairs. Face/ skinAgain she looked tired, so I airbrushed her eye-bags as well as her cheekbones in order for her make-up to stand out more.

Before AfterMagazine AdvertisementFeatures(Details)BeforeAfter Description & ExplanationFace I have airbrushed the flaws of her skin in order to remove her eye-bags that make her look tired and likewise as the other images of the artist, I have edited her eyebrows to make it look fuller and more visible. RatingsI made my own ratings in order to show how good the album is, another feature to sell the albumIcons & album coverIve included icons to show where audience can buy music and follow the artist for more information and further events. Using the social media allows fans to spread more about the artist. I have also included an image of the album cover in order to show what the CD looks like.