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Apprenticeship and Benefits

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This presentation is created by myself to present on an OPEN DAY at HT Skills. It has been uploaded to to emphasize ONLY on my presentation skills and nothing else.. This presentation is not to promote or de-market HT Skills.

Text of Apprenticeship and Benefits

  • 1. APPRENTICSHIP$ 321 Chase Road, South Point House, Southgate, London, N14 6JT2

2. Todays AGENDA About HT Group About Apprenticeship About Qualification Application formalities Assessments Interview Pause 3. HT GROUP The Home Training Group was formed in April 2006. We are committed to partnership working and to creating careeropportunities. We specialise in recruiting and training Apprentices. Through high quality accredited training we guide apprentices to achieve NVQqualifications in various sectors like Hair & Beauty, Business Admin, CustomerServices, Retail, Child Care and HSC. The directors and associates have a high reputation for the provision of highquality teaching, learning and support services in higher education and careerprogress. 4. Apprenticeship - framework An Apprentice work full-time for 12/18 months to achieve the qualification On an average you have to work 30-40 hours a week. Your wages At least 2.65 per hour (National minimum wages for Apprenticeship) No college/university No class room sessions are involved. HT Groups assessor visits your work place as a part of assessment. Assignments, Course works are mandatory as a part of this apprenticeship framework. Functional skills are mandatory for those who fail to submit a proof for havingcompleted functional skills (English & Maths), you should do the same as a part ofthis program. 5. Eligibility 16-24 years of age Born in The UK or hold a Valid British Passport or have lived in The UK for at least Three years continuously. Eligible to study & Work in The UK. Valid NI Number Not in full-time job Not in full-time education Shouldnt have any Bachelors/Masters degree or any qualification in NVQ Level-4 or more. Committed to work in 12/18 months contract Motivated & Committed to learning Currently not being funded by the Government for education 6. The R-team The R-team comprises of two teams within, 1. Recruitment Consultants 2. Recruitment Officers The Recruitment Consultant is the first point of contact at HT Skills for theemployers. We discuss and create Apprenticeship vacancy with the employers for you. Analyse if the employer is eligible to hire apprentices We do job analysis, write job description. Get the approval from and post vacancies. 7. The R-team The Recruitment officers are the first point of contact for you at HT Skills. You will be interviewed by one of our recruiters after the initial assessments. We recruiters, discuss with you the available opportunities and help/guide you choose the apt one for you We pitch to the employers on your behalf by emphasizing your skills and commitments towards apprenticeship. We convince the employers to make time to meet you for an interview. Guide you with information about the employer, job role and interview tips before you go for the interview. The whole R-team does the final paperwork and submit it to the enrolment team or assessment team. 8. Work & Learn Work Observe Ask Questions Discuss Learn 9. Write & Learn Theory Works Assignments Course Works Internet Research Learn 10. Assessment Be Observed Write Assignments Write online tests Answer Questions Discuss Managers Testimony 11. Beginning to Beginning Assessment (Score it) Interview (Have you got it?) Employer interview (Impress) Trial day or Trial week (paid) as a part of employer interview (Make the most) Confirm Placement (Earn it) Work & Learn, Write & Learn Be assessed (Keep Scoring) Get Qualified (Achieve) Begin your career (Fly with Colours) 12. Benefits No tuition fee. Fully Government funded (16-18years old) Government & Employer funded (19-24 years old) Get On-the-Job-Training > fulltime work (at least 12 months) Assessed and guided by experts in the field One year work Experience An e-portfolio to support your job search after the completion of apprenticeshipprogram. If successfully completed, you might get a good reference from your employer. Possibility of full-time employment with the employer itself (no promises) Options to pursue Level 3 complete in fast-track with us 13. ?

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