Apps and Web Tools for English Language Learners

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<ol><li> 1. Apps and Web Tools for ELLs Daniel Bemiss Twitter:@mrbemissclass </li><li> 2. About Me Ten years in education. I teach ESL History and ESL Reading/Writing at Henry F Moss Middle School. I have a wife and two sons. </li><li> 3. Recap Allows students to respond on video. Students can use the website or an app. Great exit slips. Free! Creates a review for students to watch </li><li> 4. Popplet Organize your ideas. I have had students use it for Vocabulary Word webs and Book Reports. Free- Get to make 10 popplets. $2 an account- Unlimited popplets. Vocabulary Word Web Book Report </li><li> 5. Quizlet Live Teacher: Students: Uses your Quizlet flashcards and creates a game. Great for introducing vocabulary and reviewing. Works on computers, phones, and tablets. </li><li> 6. Kahoot! Teacher: Students: Use it to review for a Unit. Students can use computers, phones, or tablets. </li><li> 7. Nearpod Create presentations online. Present to the whole class or have students work on it independently. Works on computers,phones, and tablets. </li><li> 8. Google Apps Google Classroom- Post assignments, web links, and how to screen casts. Google Forms- Assignments and Assessments Google Docs-Writing Assignments </li><li> 9. More Google Apps Google Slides-Presentations and Interactive Notebooks </li><li> 10. Google Voice You can get to choose a phone number from Google. Students call or text your Google Voice account to answer their homework assignment. You get an email from Google with the voice message and a transcribed email. </li><li> 11. Creating Your Own E-Books Book Creator- iPad and Android app that lets you create textbooks. Can upload to iTunes or save as PDF. Share in your Google Classroom. </li><li> 12. Creating Your Own E-Books iBooks Author- Free in the App Store Add Youtube videos and websites into your book. Share in your Google Classroom. Save it as a PDF or upload them to iBooks. </li><li> 13. Questions or Comments? </li></ol>