Apps and Web Tools for English Language Learners

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  1. 1. Apps and Web Tools for ELLs Daniel Bemiss Twitter:@mrbemissclass
  2. 2. About Me Ten years in education. I teach ESL History and ESL Reading/Writing at Henry F Moss Middle School. I have a wife and two sons.
  3. 3. Recap Allows students to respond on video. Students can use the website or an app. Great exit slips. Free! Creates a review for students to watch
  4. 4. Popplet Organize your ideas. I have had students use it for Vocabulary Word webs and Book Reports. Free- Get to make 10 popplets. $2 an account- Unlimited popplets. Vocabulary Word Web Book Report
  5. 5. Quizlet Live Teacher: Students: Uses your Quizlet flashcards and creates a game. Great for introducing vocabulary and reviewing. Works on computers, phones, and tablets.
  6. 6. Kahoot! Teacher: Students: Use it to review for a Unit. Students can use computers, phones, or tablets.
  7. 7. Nearpod Create presentations online. Present to the whole class or have students work on it independently. Works on computers,phones, and tablets.
  8. 8. Google Apps Google Classroom- Post assignments, web links, and how to screen casts. Google Forms- Assignments and Assessments Google Docs-Writing Assignments
  9. 9. More Google Apps Google Slides-Presentations and Interactive Notebooks
  10. 10. Google Voice You can get to choose a phone number from Google. Students call or text your Google Voice account to answer their homework assignment. You get an email from Google with the voice message and a transcribed email.
  11. 11. Creating Your Own E-Books Book Creator- iPad and Android app that lets you create textbooks. Can upload to iTunes or save as PDF. Share in your Google Classroom.
  12. 12. Creating Your Own E-Books iBooks Author- Free in the App Store Add Youtube videos and websites into your book. Share in your Google Classroom. Save it as a PDF or upload them to iBooks.
  13. 13. Questions or Comments?