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Ashley Griffin [email protected] du 4/23/10 EEX 4070

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  • Ashley Griffin [email_address] 4/23/10 EEX 4070
  • Dewey Booster Park The parks pavilion we used for our last day celebration. The parks two back fields. The front field we used to walk our mile and partake in group games. The playground the group would use for free play at the end of each gathering.
  • Our Team
  • All about ME.!.!.
    • My name is Ashley Griffin. Im in my Junior year here at UCFs College of Education.
    • Im planning on becoming an Elementary school teacher in hopefully Volusia county. My
    • interests right now consist of school, family/boyfriend, and going to the beach. School has
    • always been my #1 priority and I never doubted that I was going to college. I even aspire
    • to get my doctorate one day in child psychology. My family and boyfriend of three years
    • played a big part in making me the person I am today and I thank them for helping me
    • keep in together during all those long nights of studying for finals. Since High School
    • Graduation I have been a Head Start and VPK teacher for 3 years. Ive always had a
    • passion for teaching and just being goofy and childish so working as an elementary
    • teacher will make me feel right at home, my VPK students always bonded with me
    • instantly because Im one of those teachers youll see crawling around on the magic
    • carpet, playing dress up in house keeping, building huge buildings in block center, or
    • simply singing along during music time. My motto is do what you love and having fun
    • doing it .
  • All about the Children.!.!.
    • Our walking group contained African American children, Hispanic children, Caucasian children, children with a Spanish linguistic heritage, children with autism, asperger, and ADHD ranging in age from 3 years old to 15 years old.
  • Fun Filled Days.!.!.
    • Each week we started by walking a mile with the children for about 30 minutes and after we lead one group activity that included all the children for another 30 minutes, the games included soccer, capture the flag, sideline soccer, kick ball, and steal the bacon. I also became a team captain and got together a walking team with some of the children and we partcipating in the UCF KnightWalk for babies, which was a walk we did in March at the UCF main campus that raised money for the March of Dimes foundation. For our final project day myself and the other two UCF students on my team planned and held a celebration party for the children. We decorated and had lots of healthy snacks, we also passed out certificates to each child that told them how many miles they had walked and each child received a little star medal with their certificate.
    Ashley B, Marian, myself Ashley & I presenting awards The group playing kickball. Getting ready for a group activity. The group walking.
  • UCF KightWalk for Babies
    • On February 28 th myself, Dr. Hines and a group of children from the walking club participated in a 5K walk around UCFs main campus. The walk was a way of raising money for the March of Dimes Foundation and together our team raised about $200 to donate. After the walk there was music, pizza, and games that fellow UCF students had put together.
  • My Personal Experience
    • This was such a great experience for myself and my two other team members. I personally had never really gotten the chance to work hands out with many students with disabilities and I feel that this type of project allowed me the best opportunity to see the children for who they really are and not only for what they can do within a classroom. This experience had defiantly effected me a positive way. I now can see that even small projects like this one can have a huge effect on children. All children benefit from active group play that involves all children not just mainstream students. I even had discussions with Dr. Hines about how so many of our children really began to come out of their shells while participating in our activities. Its a great feeling to know that we could help these children become more social with one another, and the great part about out location at the park was that each week we had new children that would participate, allowing our walking club the chance to expand and reach other children who benefitted from this experience. The thing that had the biggest impact on me was how up until our final day I was still not aware of some of the children's disabilities. Dr. Hines began discussing some children with us and I surprised when she mentioned a child that I was unaware had a disability. The biggest thing I have taken from this project is that when you hear the words disability you cant instantly think disabled. A disability does not define a student and like I mentioned before sometimes a disability is so minor that it can not be recognized easily and therefore you should never address a student for example as this is an autistic child but rather this is a child who has autism because first and foremost the student is a child not a disability.