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Audacity 101

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PowerPoint presentation suitable for high school students and/or adult learners.

Text of Audacity 101

  • 1. Audacity How To Have Fun With Sound by Audacitydemo This presentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

2. To Open Audacity

  • Go to the folder where Audacity is installed. On Windows this is usuallyC:Program FilesAudacity.On Mac, this is usually yourApplicationsfolder.
  • Double-clickaudacity.exe(Windows) to launch Audacity.
  • On a WindowsNetwork, open ApplicationExplorer
  • ClickAll
  • LaunchAudacity

3. Recording Sound Click on the buttons inside the red box to find out what they do. 4. Editing Sound Click on the buttons inside the red box to find out what they do. These tools are explained in more detail in the following slides. 5. Selection Tool

  • Make sure theSelection Toolis selected
  • Use the Mouse and highlight the sound on the track you want to edit or delete

Highlighted Area 6. Envelope Tool

  • Make sure theEnvelope Toolis selected blue lines will appear
  • Drag the Blue lines in or out to change the volume of the whole track

7. Envelope Tool #2

  • Where I clicked to move in the line, white circles appear
  • The volume will no longer be a straight line meaning the volume will change.
  • Click inside the blue line near the white circle

Click Here 8. Zoom Tool

  • Make sure theZoomtool is selected
  • Keep clicking until you are zoomed in as close as you want to be
  • Click on the track with the magnifying glass

9. Drawing Tool

  • You need to have zoomed in very close.Audacitywill let you know if you have zoomed in enough.
  • Using theDrawingtool you can move the individual handles

10. Timeshift Tool

  • TheTimeshifttool is for when you havemore than one track
  • Move the track to where you want
  • Make sure theTimeshift Toolis selected

11. Recording Some Sound

  • PressRecord tostartrecording
  • PressStop tostoprecording

12. Playing Sound

  • ClickSkip to Start to put the cursor at the beginning of the sound orclickwhere you want to start from
  • ClickPlay

13. Importing Sound

  • File>
  • Select the sound you want andOpen

Import>Audio 14. Deleting Sound

  • Using theSelection Toolselect the sound you want to delete
  • Press theDeletekey on your keyboard

Selected Area that will be deleted 15. Lets Have Some Fun

  • To have fun with the sound, selectEffect
  • Play around with the settings for each effect to see what they do
  • Select an Effect from the menu

16. Exporting to an audio file If creating aPodcastfor the internet, export asMP3 . To burn to anaudio CDor use your sound inMovie Maker,export as WAV . 17. What Else Can I Do? Help Improve Audacity by contributing to theAudacity Wiki or theAudacity Forum EVERY little improvement makes a big difference !!!!!!