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<ul><li> 1. Audience Feedback from my first draft To gain feedback from an audience, I decided to use a survey website called Survey Monkey. I used this website to create a survey which people could then fill in online after watching my first draft on YouTube. Below are the questions and results that I asked within the survey. Under each one I will analyse the data shown.The data shows that in total 21 people answered this question. 7 of which were males, whilst 14 were female. I asked this question because I wanted to see what gender had watched my video the most, and if the gender numbers would affect my data in any way. There are many different reasons as to why more females participated in this survey. One may be that the main protagonist in my video is a female, and therefore the audience may have believed that the video would be aimed at females more than males, and therefore more females were interested in the video than males. My video is aimed more at females, so this is good to see that females have dominantly taken part in the survey. However it is also useful to have a male opinion, as males would also be able to view my music video and their opinion is also important to me to make sure they understand the narrative.</li></ul> <p> 2. The next question I asked was how old the person taking the survey was. The majority of people who took part in the survey were between the ages of 13-18, with the second largest age range from 19-25. This is the age group my music video is going to be mainly aimed at. This is due to the clear idea that this age range is popular with using technology (hence being able to complete the survey) and will most likely be the ones to watch my video. This is also due to the nature of the narrative. I have aimed the narrative at young teenagers, therefore they should be able to possibly relate to the video and be the most interested in it. 3. This is a rating for different aspects of my music video, including camera, editing, song choice, performers, narrative, Mise En Scene and locations. For camera, the highest amount of votes was for good, for editing good was also the highest. Song choice received the highest amount of votes for excellent whilst performers received good. Narrative scored good as the majority whilst mise en scene also scored good. Lastly locations scored 9 votes for excellent. Overall I am very happy to see these results for these aspects of my music video. I would not be satisfied with anything below good. However my survey shows me that not everything is excellent and there is still room for improvements. There were some anomaly answers which I have taken into consideration, but have not continued to alter due 4. to how little there are in comparison to the most popular votes. It seems the things my audience think I could improve on are, mise en scene and editing. So I should consider this when creating my final music video.This question was to see how professional my audience thought my music video looked. In my proposal, I stated that I would try to make my music video as realistic as possible and to a high quality. My feedback has shown that only 1 person thought my video looked extremely professional, however I believe this is understandable with the level of my current skill in creating music videos. The majority of people said that my video looked very professional and I am happy with this response as it means my video is of a decent standard. I still think that there is room for improvement as quite a few people still said that it was moderately professional and I would like to increase this more to very professional. 5. This was to see if people thought the editing was in time with the music. I think this is important as it makes music videos look more realistic and therefore help how professional my music video looks. All but two responses said that the editing was in time with the song. One person gave me advice to try and make some of the footage shorter and experiment with how long certain shots are as some are longer than others. So I may consider doing this in the next cut. 6. I chose to ask this question because I think it is very important for people to understand the narrative of my music video seeing as my music video is mainly based on a narrative. I want this to make sense to an audience. I asked people to tell me if they understood the narrative and liked it, as well as whether they disliked it or didnt understand it. They could answer to more than one of these. The majority of people said they liked and understood the narrative, which means I do not have to think about changing the narrative. 7. All but 1 person said they thought that the narrative suited the song. I think that this is a very good outcome as I wanted the music video to relate visually and via the song. I think that this shows my narrative fits well to the song and does not need to be changed. 8. This is a crucial part of my audience feedback and what I think is most important. This is qualitative feedback from my audience stating what they think I should do to improve my video. It is important for me to consider what the audience have said as they are the ones who are going to be watching my music video. One comment was to make the editing more interesting by using fades and also shorten some of the shots. Another thing was to improve the colour of my footage. 9. Another bit of advice was to slow down the ending with the split screen so that people knew what was going on. Overall I am pleased with my survey and it has helped me to find some changes that need to be made in my video. This is so I can reach my full target audiences attention and make them interested in the video. I also want to continue to improve my video so that it looks as professional as it can. I will now review the data in full detail and see what changes I wish to make to my music video.</p>