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  • 1. Band Websites

2. Whats the purpose? Generate new fans. Keep existing fans engaged. Promote the artist Construct and consolidate a brand identity 3. What should be included? Latest news Shows, events and tour dates Behind the scene stuff and social networks Merchandise: online store Media: pictures, videos and podcasts Story and bio: about the band and members Community Forum Mailing list/Newsletter system 4. The textured background make the content stand out on this website for a dueling piano bar. Dates of upcoming shows are clearly shown and the genre is fully apparent. 5. The mise-en-scene here helps suggest what type of music the artist produces and also signifies the brand identity. The watercolor effect, along with a neutral color palette, creates a warm, inviting feeling for this artists website, and gives you an indication of their style of music. Social media is prevalent on this website with the ability to connect with the artist on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 6. TASK 1 In your blogs make notes on the following websites. What features do they include? How are they interactive? Do they signify the genre of music? How? 7. TASK 2 Using the website have a go at creating your own band website. This is only a mock up for skills development purposes. Embed your website mock-up into your blog and create a mini analysis of it how successful is it? How could you improve it? What skills have you developed?