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Baroque music 1600- 1750

Baroque music

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Baroque music

Baroque music1600-1750

Changes in musical notation.New instrumental playing techniques.More elaborated musical ornamentation.

What happened in the Baroque period?

Instruments of the Baroque period: Harpsichord: Its like a piano with double keyboard & instead of hittingthe strings he moves a needle and it plucks the string.

Recorder: Its a type of woodwind instrument.It was very popular but it declined in 18th century because of the Classical orchestra

Orchestral Organization

Orchestral OrganizationThe last image was an image of the Baroque orchestra feature. The figure of the conductor has evolved and has not always been as it is now . The fact that finely conductor has been instructed to conduct was only a matter of demands of the score, but sat in the harpsichord and often ran from there , playing the same instrument that made the harmonic filler. Other times it was the first violin that made these functions.

Main Composers in the Baroque periodThe most important composers of the Baroque period were

Johan Sebastian George Frederich Haendel


Claudio Monteverdi

Principal pieces of Baroque PeriodJohann Sebastian Bach: sonata & fuge: Orchestral Suite - 07 - BadinerieGeorge Frederich Haendel: "Messiah" hallelujahClaudio Monteverdi: triumphal march

A little biography of Antonio VivaldiVivaldi was an Italian composer and violinist , the most influential of his time has been doubted for many years on the exact date of his birth . Having rejected the idea that he had been born in 1675 , it has concluded that the day of his birth was the March 4, 1678 , by the act of baptism . He studied with his father, Giovanni Battista Vivaldi , violinist in the Cathedral of San Marcos. Vivaldi was the eldest of seven children , four boys and three girls. The greatest work of Antonio Vivaldi was The Four Seasons.

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