Basic Image Editing, Part 1

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  3. 3. If you can't afford to purchase software, youcan still find good, free software to createand edit images. Some of this software isdeveloped by individuals, and some isfeature limited or an earlier version of amore advanced program. In some instances,there are no strings attached, but mostoften you will need to provide informationto the company by registering, or endureads or "nag" screens.
  4. 4. No Need to Pay to Play When it Comes to PhotoEditing Software Free Photo Effects Download Photoscape Photo Collage Software Free Picture Editing Download Photo Editor Best Photo Editor Picture Editors Free Video Editor Image Editor
  5. 5. On first glance, I thought Photoscape was going to be a dud, butI dug in deeper and realized why so many readers of this sitehave recommended it as a favorite free photo editor. It is jam-packedwith features, while remaining very easy to use.Photoscape provides several modules including a viewer, editor,batch processor, Raw converter, file renamer, print layout tool,screen capture tool, color picker, and more. I'm very impressedoverall at what has been packed into this free photo editorwithout sacrificing ease of use. More Ads Photo Edit Download Convert Image Files Of Any Format And Edit Images w/ FreeToolbar! Start Download Instant Free Download. Convert Fast & Easy!
  6. 6. GIMP is a popular open-source image editororiginally developed for Unix/Linux. Oftenlauded as the "free Photoshop," it does havean interface and features similar toPhotoshop, but with a steep learning curve tomatch. Because it's volunteer-developed betasoftware, stability and frequency of updatescould be an issue; however, many happyusers report using GIMP for Windows withoutsignificant problems.
  7. 7. Paint.NET is a free image and photo manipulationsoftware for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Server2003.Paint.NET started development atWashington State University with additional helpfrom Microsoft, and continues to be updated andmaintained by some of the alumni that originallyworked on it. Paint.NETfeatures layers, paintingand drawing tools, special effects, unlimitedundo history, and levelsadjustments. Paint.NET is completely free, andthe source code is also available for free.
  8. 8. LazPaint is an open source and free todownload raster image editor aimed at userswho are looking for an application that ismore easily accessible than GIMP. LazPaintpresents its users with a pretty clear andeasily understood user interface that issimilar to Paint.NET. For image editor newbieswho aren't looking for an overly powerfulpackage or to enhance their photos, LazPaintis worth looking at. More
  9. 9. For a long time, Serif has given away previousversions of their software to entice users topurchase the current version. Recently, thecompany has changed that tactic, and now offera free limited version of the photo-editingsoftware PhotoPlus SE. PhotoPlus SE features anexport optimizer, editable text, layer effects,layer masks, a red-eye removal tool, specialeffects, versatile brushes, and photoenhancement tools. PhotoPlus SE can beupgraded to the full version of PhotoPlus, withmany more features, for a modest price.
  10. 10. Photo Pos Pro is a free photo editor withadvanced features and a well-designed interface.From the developer: "Though the Photo Pos Prosoftware is a powerful program, it contains anextremely user-friendly interface enabling you towork intuitively. If you are a beginner you caneasily begin to use the program in an intuitivefashion. With the Help system, you can turn froma beginner to a professional user." I've read a lotof good comments about this photo editor.
  11. 11. Pixia is the English version of a popular freepainting and retouching software thatoriginated in Japan. It features custom brushtips, multiple layers, masking, vector- andbitmap-based drawing tools, color, tone, andlighting adjustments, and multipleundo/redo. Like many freeware editors, thereis no support for saving GIF format. Pixia isalso available for many other languages. Pixiaworks with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
  12. 12. This award-winning graphic editor offers avariety of painting and editing tools andfeatures including a text tool, gradients,selections by color or region, colorreplacement, editing in any scale, specialeffects and so on. The free version used to bean enticement to upgrade to the Pro version,but as of December 2006, the Pro version isfree. While it hasn't been updated since 2007,it's still a worthwhile option for those lookingfor a simple free editor. More
  13. 13. PhotoFiltre offers a simple, but elegant userinterface and a lot of one-click imageadjustments, filters, and effects. There is abuilt in image explorer panel for visuallynavigating your file system, basic drawing,painting, retouching and selection tools, andbatch processing capabilities. PhotoFiltre isfree for private, non commercial oreducational use (including non-profitorganizations). More
  14. 14. Ultimate Paint is available in both sharewareand freeware versions for image creation,viewing, and manipulation. It has beendesigned to be fast and compact, and ifyou're familiar with the old Deluxe Paintprogram from Electronic Arts, Ultimate Paintis said to be very similar. The free version isan older release of the full-featuredshareware product. More
  15. 15. Technically, Picasa does not meet my criteriafor a photo editor because it does not allowyou to do pixel-level editing. However, I havereceived so many reader suggestions forPicasa, that I am including it here as anhonorary mention. Although it does havesome basic editing functions, it is primarilyphoto organizing software, and as such it islisted in my Top Digital Photo Software forFamily Photos
  16. 16. Try Before You Buy When you are ready to buy a more full-featuredphoto editing software, take it for atest drive first. Free trial downloads areavailable for all photo editing software; One of the software to try is AdobePhotoshop
  17. 17. Listed below are some of the most usedcapabilities of the better graphicmanipulation programs. The list is by nomeans all inclusive. There are a myriad ofchoices associated with the application ofmost of these features. Image editor feature
  18. 18. Selection Layers Image size alterationImage editors can resize images in a processoften called image scaling, making themlarger, or smaller. Noise reduction Removal of unwanted elements
  19. 19. Selective color change[edit] Cropping an imageUncropped image from camera Lily cropped from larger image
  20. 20. Selecting and merging of images Photomontage of 16 photos which have been digitally manipulated inPhotoshop to give the impression that it is a real landscape Image orientation
  21. 21. Sharpening and softening images Slicing of images Change color depth Contrast change and brightening Color adjustments Stamp Clone Tool Original image 2 Image after stamp tool processed