Beyond WCAG: Implementing BS8878

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Slides for talk on "Implementing BS8878" to be given by EA Draffan at the IWMW 2012 event held at the University of EDinburgh on 18-20 June 2012. See

Text of Beyond WCAG: Implementing BS8878

  • 1. Beyond WCAG: Experiences in Implementing BS 8878 E.A. Draffan with thanks to Ronise Nepomuceno
  • 2. Stakeholders Who will be involved from the customer / user side? - Site owners and editors; university staff and students when operating as an end user of a site Who are the other stakeholders? Student Union representatives; Staff Representatives; Head of Student Services and Student Admin; Head of Professional Services; Head of Faculties
  • 3. Requirements GatheringContent Manager Allocation to thefills requirement Analyse correct team form - this refers Production Requirements work throughto Steps 1 to 6 of Steps 7 to 12 BS 8878:2010
  • 4. Products relationship with target audience and their needs
  • 5. Steps 4-6No guarantee this isa smooth pathway prepare to revisit steps.
  • 6. Strategic Decisions Feasibility pre-configuration or procurement Who will develop? How? When? User Centred Design process Agile at all times! Evaluation by customer. Development testing
  • 7. Accessibility StatementsNomensa suggest they contain: An open commitment to providing an accessible website; An outline of key guidelines and standards the website follows; Any known exceptions to the intended level of web accessibility; Contact information for reporting difficulties with the website.
  • 8. Thank youDr Mike Wald, E.A. Draffan plus the AccessTechnologies Team, ECS University ofSouthampton Nepomuceno, iSolutions, University ofSouthampton