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Biocon Academy_Center of Excellence


  • 1. Biocon Academy Launch Presented by: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chief Mentor November 11, 2013 Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 2. Indian Biotech Sector India has the potential to become a global innovation hub in biotechnology Indian biotech industry at $11 Bn Indian Biotech Sector Grown at CAGR of > 20% in last 10 years The sector aims to realize $100 billion revenues by 2025 Biopharma/ Manufacturing 4.0 6.0 Bio Services Bio Agri 1.0 Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 3. Talent Availability : A Big Challenge A huge gap exists between the quality of human capital available and the needs of the industry Through Biocon Academy we Over 725 Biotech Institutes in India Over 40,000 biotech students pass out every year Barely 2000 students get employed aim to address this skill deficit Make Aspiring Biotechnologists employable Through Advanced Learning and Hands on industrial training Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 4. Karnataka Govts Finishing Schools: A step in the Right Direction The Government of Karnataka under the Millennium Biotech Policy-II has set up 12 Biotech Finishing Schools across the state. These institutes aim at imparting professional skills to biotech graduates to make them employable across the sector Biocon Academys mission is to augment these efforts It will be a Center of Excellence for Advanced Learning Biocon-KGI certificate program in biosciences is aimed at developing high end talent for the biopharma sector The 16 week extensive program with nine modules and hands BTFS enrolls 150 students in a year Offers a one year program on practical training under the mentorship of industry experts Will equip the students with the knowhow to bridge the gap between science and business of life Sciences Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 5. Center of Excellence for Advanced Learning in Applied Biosciences Biocon Academy Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 6. Aimed at Making Biotech Graduates Employable through advanced learning and industrial training Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 7. Our Vision To become a recognized center for advanced learning in Biosciences that will provide the required proficiency for enhanced career prospects for Biotechnology and Engineering graduates Our Mission To train and develop Industry ready talent for the Biopharma sector to enable global competitiveness Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 8. Our Values Empower Engineering & Bioscience graduates with basic industrial proficiency to enhance their career prospects in the Biopharma sector Leverage the India advantage to develop industry ready biotechnologists who partake in the journey of unlocking the potential of the Biotech sector Persevere to develop the spirit of scientific experimentation, research and innovation in the aspiring minds Innovate to find sustainable solutions by leveraging Biotechnology, for human healthcare and life Connect industry and academia to maximize the opportunities for aspiring biotechnologists in the industry Transform the face of Biotech industry by developing proficient talent that addresses the issue of skill deficit of the sector Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 9. Collaborating for World Class Training Our flagship program is in collaboration with KGI, a premier American graduate institute devoted solely to Bioscience education and discovery. 16 week full time one- of its- kind Biocon- KGI Certificate program Aimed at making biotech graduates employable Advanced Learning and Job Skill Training Best KGI faculty and Subject Matter Experts from Biocon Technology based real time /synchronous classes Nine course modules will prepare students for biotech companies around the world Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 10. Biocon KGI Program will offer a Unique educational experience to students Will prepare them to partake in the exciting journey of making India a Leading Bioeconomy Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 11. Customized curriculum to make students industry- ready Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 12. Mentored Learning from Industry Experts and International Faculty Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 13. World class training delivered with practical training at Stateof-the-art Labs Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 14. Practical Learning exposure at global scale Manufacturing facilities Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 15. Biocon Scholarship : 75% of program fee The Academy is an outcome of Biocons commitment to innovation, affordability and access. As a leading biotech company we will like to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by developing high end talent for the sector Biocon Scholarship to be offered to all students chosen through rigorous selection process International program costs @ Rs 6,00,000 per student Biocon Ltd offers a 75% scholarship Student to pay only Rs 1, 50,000 for this intensive specialized program Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 16. Potential job opportunities at Biocon and other biotech companies across the globe Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 17. Biocon Academy will focus on developing the spirit of experimentation, application of knowledge and innovation skills in the Bio scientists of India. It will enable them to unlock their potential and foster excellence in the biotech sector Adding Value, Enhancing Skills
  • 18. Thank You Adding Value, Enhancing Skills