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Black History Month is very important in the United States. This was a class power point project made by me I choose Nelson Mandela he has fought for freedom and a new life and he accomplished.

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  • 1.Nelson Mandela Black History Month

2. Introduction Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (19182013 ) was born in Mveso Transkei , South Africa. Mandela was born to Thembu royal family, his dad died when Mandela was only nine years of age. He was the first of his family to attend school; he became a freedom activist, an inspiration to billions, a writer, and a lawyer. He won many awards including the Nobel Peace Prize yet suffered a great deal in his life. Nelson never gave up and never will he was a strong person physically and mentally he taught us what peace really meant , why we need peace , independence , and rights . Daily it was a challenge for Nelson but he fought his way through life and became the President of South Africa and A Nations Father , A World Leader . 3. Early Years Mandela attended Clarke bury Boarding Institute, Wesleyan Collage, and University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg. One of his quote was No one in my family had ever attended school. On the first day of school my teacher, Miss Mdingane gave each of us an English name. This was the custom among Africans in those days and was undoubtedly due to British bias of our education. That day, Miss Mdingane told me that my new name was Nelson. Why this particular name I have no idea. He was in prison for over 27 years of his life. Why? Nelson was fighting for freedom a right, protesting was the only way to get to them. He became a freedom activist, he did everything including going to prison for all those long years. Education was everything to Mandela. 4. Career Path Throughout Nelson Mandelas life he became a lawyer, a writer, a world leader, a freedom activist, and a nations father he inspired billions he taught people that we do need to fight for our freedom, that life is nothing without our freedom, our justice. Nelson served as South Africas President in the year (1994 1999). He was the first black chief executive of South Africa. He was an anti-apartheid revolutionary politician and philanthropist. A good head and heart are always a formidable combination. One of the most famous quotes ever said by Nelson Mandela. 5. Accomplishments Nelson has fought for freedom throughout his years and successfully accomplished at earning independence for his country, and citizens. He intended to preach for freedom rights, to inspire billions, and to teach. Nelson represented that he will not stop fighting a fighter is always strong while the enemy is always weak .He has encouraged the world that being quite can kill you mentally and physically fighting = life. He became the Father of the Nation . I Dream of an Africa which is in Peace with itself A strong quote said by Nelson Mandela. 6. Historys Mark Nelson Mandela was rewarded a Nobel Peace Prize in the year of 1993, and President Medal of Freedom. In the year 1988 a Soviet stamp was made for Freedom Fighters in South Africa stated in Russian for Nelson Mandela it is dated from the Gorbachev era. There have been many books published about Nelson Mandela, and movies about Nelsons life story, He inspired celebrities, children, adults, and presidents, he told his story nationwide, he was our freedom teacher our lawyer our writer our president of South Africa. The brothers and sisters of South Africa described Mandela as there Nations Father, many South Africans referred to Nelson Mandela as Madiba . Courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. 7. Nelson Mandela supported everyones ideas, and opinions. Billions support his ideas. He has dreamed of his country being free from the cage for years. Nelson had to break the brick walls to get his ideas out. His life improved while he aged, he became happier that he brought freedom to South Africa. Nelson was an activist, a freedom fighter, politician, a philanthropist, and a lawyer, a writer, and a Nations Father. Nelson was married several times Evelyn Ntoko Mase (1944-1957), Winnie Madikizela (1958-1996), Graa Machel (1998-2013). Mandela currently has six children and grandchildren of his own. Nelson met other presidents and celebrities he had many friends nationwide that adored him. His speeches, his quotes were strong and powerful enough to make you change your life and fight back for your rights. The South African World Cup took place in the year of 2011 Nelson was so very proud of his nation, he noticed that it is filled with love , light , freedom. One of Nelsons favorite sport was boxing, everyone knew Nelson as the lead boxer the next Mohamed Ali. Mandela has accomplished so much throughout his lifetime from Nobel Peace Prize to the Nations Father. IN the year 2013 Nelson Mandela passed away he was in critical condition and in the hospital for many days as the news reported. He passed away with peace, freedom, victory and independence for his country thats all that Mattered to Nelson. His family attended the Oscars a great movie that spoke about Nelsons life in the past and the future was made it was inspirational. I listed on my bucket list that I had wanted to meet Nelson Mandela. Nelson became an angel watching over us all to keep the world at peace with each other. Mandela died three days after I was born. May Your Soul Rest in Peace our Hero. R.I.P 8. Reference ( Source ) Sources: 1. Time Magazine 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A long Walk To Freedom 7. Nelson Mandela: Conversations with Myself