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  • 1. Founded in 1971 inSeattle, USA Started offas, StarbucksCoffee, Tea andSpice Sold only whole-bean coffee andcoffee brewingmachine

2. Howard Schultz came on board Changed the name from StarbucksCoffee, Tea and Spices to Starbucks Reimaged the company from only sellingcoffee beans to a coffee house 3. Largest coffeehouse company in the world 20,366 stores in 61 countries The company is currently going throughexpansion in Asian market Opened its first store in Mumbai, India withplans of opening more than 15 more duringthe next two years Signed MoA with its partners in Pakistan toopen a store in Dolmen City by May 2013 4. Starbucks sells hot and cold drinks, coffeebeans, salads, hot and coldsandwiches, sweets, snacks, etc. The company also has an Entertainmentdivision and Hear Music brand, which marketsbooks, music and film. Starbucks branded ice-cream and coffees arealso sold at grocery stores 5. Launched Ethos water and the companydonates most of its profits from it to helpchildren get clean water Paper-cup design Also ventured into renewal energy 6. 73rd on 100 Best Companies to Work For ByFortune Best Global Brands By Interbrand ranking: 88 The name was inspired by Starbuck, classAmerican novel by Moby Dick The logo includes a mermaid and the name ofthe company 7. Connect Discover Respond 8. Perfect Cup of Coffee Third Place Starbucks has always placedhuge emphasis on creating the perfect thirdplace for everyone to go to between theirhome and work Customer Satisfaction through Service 9. Creating a Starbucks community Long termrelationships Smart Partnerships Working with the rightpeople Innovation Constantly bringing in newproducts Word of Mouth Letting the high quality oftheir product and service speak for itself 10. Schultz made a number of trips to Italy in the1980s which ensured that the American isfused with the Italian to create the essence ofthe brand and help the brand create a globalappeal 11. The personality of the brand islike that of a chameleon, allowingit to take on aspects of whateverthe environment might be Creating long-term relationships Portrays itself as a fusion ofEuropean experience with itsAmerican lifestyle Follows Global culture and thefocus is on serving everycustomer 12. Compelling Benefit The Starbucks Experience The company delivers what it promises throughits values of maintaining high quality, excellentstore environment and creating relationshipsbetween store staff and its customers Target Audience Male and Female SEC A and SEC B 13. Quality is the first priority at Starbucks It was the first one to bring premiumEuropean coffee experience to USA The company values simplicity overtechnology Starbucks believes in treating everyemployee as a partner and the mostimportant ingredient of their coffees 14. Premium Coffee Consistently good customer service A classy, neat and hygienic atmosphere withconsistent store design that meets the 5senses Strength Not just a coffee shop, a lifestyle 15. Expanding core retail opportunity worldwide Continuing to innovate Expanded customer base Creating long term relationships between thecustomers and the brand Increase order size, according to figures, theorder size per customer at Starbucks hasincreased by 16% since 2008 16. Product PresentNewLine Extension Brand ExtensionPresentMulti-Brands New BrandsNew 17. Three types of Tea; Black Tea, GreenTea and Herbal TeaAttracting customers who are notfond of coffeeAlso one of their key moves inattracting Asian customersThe value of the sub-brand accordingto many is $ 1.4 billion 18. Its a combination of allthree, monolithic, brandedand endorsed Some of the products aresold by the name Starbuckswhile some likeBarista, Ethos and Tazo arepromoted as brands inthemselves 19. Advantages:Increased brand awarenessImproved brand imageEnhanced parent brandDisadvantages:Risk of losing the brand identityLosing the core valueConfused customers 20. The StarbucksExperience Comfortable setting to createpositive and uplifting experience Inviting store ambience Unique warmth that sets apart fromwork and home Customized beverage order Emotional connection betweenbarista and customers 21. Most of Starbucks customers are not pricesensitive Benefit of the strong brand Lesser substitutes around the world meanless brand switching Emphasis on quality gives it the advantage ofplaying with price 22. Internet