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  • 1. Break timeO.Enkhzaya 2012 year

2. ?Court voc abula ryle /re vision/ a st sim p us and P ntinuoPast coObjectivesnver sationpractice coL-4 3. The JudgeThe lawyerThe jury 4. Write questions for the detective toask the suspect. ? /subje ct/Whe redid Yougo -Last nig ht?Whatwe re Youdoing-At 8 pm?What (Eat)-At 1 0 pm?What... ...(We ar)? -Whe re (Go) -Afte r that?Who Go With? Listen ,check and repeat 5. Work in pairs. Tell the truth!Where did you go last night?What were you doing at 8 pm?Take turns to ask and answer the questions. 6. Play Alibi with other students in the class. Suspects Leave the room and prepare your alibis.The murder was between 12 pm-6 amYou say you were together.What were you doing? Check details with each other and learn your story. Speak to the detectives one by one.Decide on a punishment for the criminals 7. Play Alibi with other students in the class. DetectivesPrepare questions to ask the suspect. Interview the suspects one by one.Ask your questions. If the suspectsanswers are different they are guilty. If their answers are the same,they are not guilty. 8. Test for unit 7e the correct word.pickpocketing/pickpocket is becoming very common.burglary/burglar ran away.0 pm/am in the morning.5 -Its quarter toten/quarter past ten.alibi/witness saw the murder. 9. Write questions.1.Where ,go?(p/s)2.Who ,go,with? (p/s)3.What,wear?(p/s)4.What,do,at 9 am?(P/c)5.What,eat,at 1 pm?(p/c)